Saturday, June 1, 2013

Satin Sheets Romance June Author of the Month - Jessi Gage

Thank you, SSR gang, for choosing me to be author of the month! And thank you, Angela, for nominating me! I’m so thrilled to join you today, and I can’t wait to tell all my friends to call me Ms. June all month long!

I thought I’d indulge myself (and hopefully you too) by chatting about my favorite romance genres and what makes them my favorites. Let’s start with Highlanders, shall we? Is there anything better than an enormous kilted man carrying a broadsword and commanding you not to fash in his rolling burr? Whether the Highland hero is modern day or from the past, I’m usually a gonner for a Scot. My favorite Highlander writers include Karen Marie Moning, Diana Gabaldon, Sandy Blair, and Connie Mason
Next on my list of favorite romance genres is time-travel. I absolutely adore the dynamic of a modern-day heroine falling into the burly arms of a no-nonsense warrior with the weight of the world (or at least the weight of his little slice of historically-important land) on his shoulders. Whether the hero be a Highlander, a Viking, a Brit, or a Civil-war era werewolf, I can never resist a story in which a woman loses EVERYTHING she’s ever cared about and realizes she has EVERYTHING she has ever truly needed in her hero. My favorite time-travel writers also happen to be my favorite Highlander writers, because the genres often overlap. But I would add to my favorites list Maggie Shayne, Mae Clair, and Jan Irving.

But for the reader firmly entrenched in the present day, there are plenty of amazing heroes to chose from in contemporary romance. From motorcycle club badasses to billionaires, from orderlies at mental institutions to high-priced lawyers, from frat boys to exclusive escorts, there’s a modern-day hero for everyone. My favorite contemporary authors lean toward the erotic and include Kristen Ashley, Ruthie Knox, Cara McKenna, Charlotte Stein, Amber Lin, Serenity Wood, and Barbara Kellyn. I like my erotic romance to be smart. I like the sex to be important to the story and therefore not gratuitous. That said, I like it to be frequent and dirty and sometimes kinky. These ladies hit just the right spot for me and usually leave me noodling over something in my own life as a result of taking a journey with their characters.

Last but not least, paranormal romance. Shifter, vampires, the fae, ghosts, demons, psychics, witches, and wizards, I love them all. What draws me to this genre is the way otherness can seem so forbidden, so unexpected, and so dark and dangerous, and THAT makes it all the more satisfying when two people of vastly different life experience, race, or ability find common ground in love and sex. PNR often explores themes of trust, overcoming prejudice for love, and committing to one soul mate for life, all things that make me swoon. Some of my favorite PNR authors are Virginia Kantra, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, Annie Nicholas, Thea Harrison, and Candace Havens.
These four genres heavily influenced me as a writer. I always try to learn something from what I read and can often be found hen-pecking copious notes into my kindle. You’ll see Highlanders and time-travel in Wishing for a Highlander (Lyrical Press, January 2013). You’ll see my paranormal twist on contemporary romance in Road Rage, out this month with Lyrical Press. As much as I enjoy reading the wonderful and talented authors I’ve mentioned, I truly love taking what I learn from them and making it my own.

Check out these amazing authors if you’ve never read them before. I guarantee you’ll find some new favorites. And while you’re browsing for new reads, use the links below to check out my new release Road Rage and my time-travel romance, Wishing for a Highlander. Also feel free to subscribe to my blog for a new word every Tuesday and my Free Publicity Fridays feature where I give love to some of my favorite authors.

And finally, three words to describe myself...
1.     Outgoing
2.     Fastidious
3.     Christian

Hugs and Happy Reading!

A single and pregnant museum worker accidentally wishes herself back in time and is forced to marry a Highland warrior with intimacy issues.

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  1. Jessi is a wonderful person. So happy to see her being recognized. :-)

    1. Thanks so much Kitt. You've been a huge supporter and a wonderful blogging friend. I hope people who read these comments will check out your refreshing, honest, music-celebrating blog:

  2. Jessi rocks! I loved 'Wishing for a Highlander' and cannot wait to read 'Road Rage.' I'm glad to see her recognized, too :)

    1. Thanks, DB! So glad you liked WH! Hope you love RR too!

      I can't wait to tackle RED SHOES!

  3. Congrats, Jessi! I mean, Ms. June. You deserve it!

    I love the reasoning behind your genre picks. Smart romances about building trust reel me in every time, too.

  4. What a great insight into your favourite genres, Jessi. I have to say, they are mine, too. Congratulations on Road Rage's new release.