Monday, June 10, 2013

Kande's Satin Sheets Romance Review for Cassandra By Starlight

Title: Cassandra By Starlight
Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 381 pages
Summary: A London woman is swept off her feet into the glamorous yet surprisingly dangerous world of an up-and-coming star of stage and screen. Unconventional though she may be, Cassandra Wallace leads the life of an average Londoner, from blind dates to rush hour traffic. Then, along comes Bennett Saville. Charming, erudite, the up-and-coming actor is like the hero of a romantic movie. He sets Cassie afire like he has the stage and screen, and defies the tragedy that brought them together. From the tips of his Armani loafers to their scorching hot first kiss, he’s perfect. Only, he’s ten years younger and from the upper class, and those emerald eyes invite dangerous secrets. The world is full of hungry leading ladies, and every show must have its villain. Yet a true romance will always find its happy ending.

Kande's Review

A contemporary romance which really touched my heart. It was written very well. A very engaging book about two people that meet under the worst conditions and then make the most of it.

Well to say this story starts off with a bang is putting it mildly. The author had me hooked from the very beginning! There were so many wonderful lines that I highlighted. I'll list them below for you to enjoy as well.

Was it too much to ask to find a decent man just to share things with and have a good time?

The story of my life, she thought resignedly. Slow death by traffic jam. - I'm sure we can all agree on that one ;)

I don't want to spoil the story for you on how the two main characters meet but all I can say is that it's quite the crash ;) (I'm sorry about the pun.. really I am :P)


This book is full of so many luscious sentences, beautiful descriptions, and alluring personalities that I could totally see this being made into a movie or TV series! The mysteries take off from there and the storyline has plot twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Cassie is such an appealing character that you cannot help but relate to her.

This is a beautiful love story, achieving a level of romantic passion, emotion, and anguish like that of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. For me, Cassandra By Starlight is like a bottle of wine or a box of really good chocolate (the really, expensive and sinfully good kind). There is an absolute beauty in this book, and it seems to lie in the details. I absolutely adored this story and cannot wait to read more about from this author.

I award 4 satin pillows for a well-paced, well-presented, investigative journey with a language that was engaging and highly readable.

I give this story:

Heat Rating:


  1. Wow, Kande, thanks for an amazing review! Being compared to Jane Austen has made my day. I'm so glad you enjoyed my book. If you'd like to read the next in the series, 'Together in Starlight' send me a note to author(at)susanmacnicol(dot)com and tell me the format you'd like and I'll get it over to you. And once again, thanks so much for reading about Bennett and Cassie.

    1. The e-mail came back :( I'm - Mobi would be perfect! Thank you!

  2. By the way, I have already written a film script for Cassandra by Starlight which I intend to try get out there as a TV series. It's still early days and I'm still working on it but it's one of the things on my 'bucket list'!

    1. Wow! That would be amazing!! Please let me know how that goes!