Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hear Me by Skye Warren

Hear Me (Dark Erotica #3) 
 Book Description:

She doesn’t remember her past, only her training. She can’t talk, not that a good slave should speak out of turn. None of that matters when she wakes up in the warm, rustic room. Her new master is distant but kind. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t want her.

Longing for the shackles of safety, she pulls from the last dregs of her will to prove her worth as a slave. It seems to be working. He responds first to her body and next to her submission. The secrets of his past haunt the cabin, fraying the tightening bond between Master and slave, but it is her own memories that may finally unravel it.

This book contains a bonus short story Escape, set in the same dark erotica world.

Nanee's Review:

This book mesmerized  me, made me cringe and made me smile. The author writes a amazing story of dark erotica that makes your heart beat fast and your head spin. The female character fled a prison of torture, made her silent and scared and trained to be a slave, but when she wakes in a warm rustic cabin with a silent brooding man she's not sure whether to run or fall for him....Sam a man with nightmares doesn't know what to do with this mysterious women, so he takes her in his home but not his heart. He wants her body but not her.I loved this story because the writing is amazing. This author captures your attention and doesn't let go, I want to read more by Skye Warren.


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  1. I really love Sky Warren's writing. I've read a few things by her and they were all dark and captivating. Nice review.