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Kimberley's Satin Sheets Romance Review of To Have and To Hold by : Charlene Raddon

Kimberley's Satin Sheets Romance Review of  To Have and To Hold by : Charlene Raddon


Title: To Have and To Hold
Author: Charlene Raddon
Author's Website:
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing (January 23, 2013)
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
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A woman without a prayer . . .
A widow with two children, Tempest Whitney has had to mortgage everything to repay the money her husband had stolen. But even as she struggles to hold onto her Utah homestead, a scheming rancher buys up her debts, demanding she either get off his land or marry him. Then a dark-haired stranger shows up, claiming to be her dead husband . . .
A man without a past . . .
Buck Maddux spent two years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Now a deathbed promise has brought him to Tempest's homestead. A man without roots, he doesn't plan to stay -- or to feel so fiercely protective of this feisty beauty he saves from a hated marriage of convenience. Suddenly, Buck years for a home, a family, a lasting love. But what can he offer Tempest? The surprising answer lies in the forbidding canyons of an ancient Anasazi tribe, where fortune and danger await--along with a passion more precious than gold . . .

Kimberley's Review....
BUCK ,BUCK,BUCK . All the dreams I use to have when I was a small girl . Of what it would be like to live in the past. And what kind of man I wanted. And Ms. Raddon , she found just the man I have always wanted; and his name is Buck! 
We first start off with Tempest , strong woman who will do anything to keep her and her children afloat and pay back all her dead husband has done. When she is cornered and given then awful choices of marry or leave she doesn't know what to do. And just when you think it is all over her come her dusty, dirty, brown horses LONG dead husband? 
Buck, promises Tempest husband ,Skeet to make sure is and the family is ok , as he lied dying. Buck agrees but being throw in jail side tracked this promise. But once her get out he head to make that promise true. Little did he know he will just have to what he got himself into.

Wonderful story, loved the back and forth between Tempest and Buck. She don't take no crap from him or anyone. And that is what Buck needs. A strong woman , to show him it is ok to love again. Ms. Raddon is a wonderful , detailed writer and you will be missing out on this if you let this book pass you buy. 


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