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Wednesday, June 26, 2013- Satin Sheets Romance Review of Celtic Fury by Ria Cantrell

Title:  Celtic Fury
Author:  Ria Cantrell!/pages/Ria-Cantrell/314592691973723

Genre:  Historical Romance
Length:  256 pages
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In 14th Century Scotland amid Highland Feuds and Clan division, rugged men fight for their birthrights and their place in history. The MacCollum and Campbell Clans are bitter enemies, especially for the son of the Laird MacCollum, Rory, the fabled and lethal Wolf of the Highlands. When his betrothed is killed at the hands of his enemies, Rory has sworn vengeance on all named Campbell. Darkness pervades this warrior to the point of poisonous destruction. Each day the darkness creeps forth, changing him and embattling his psyche. Each day, the blackness is becoming harder and harder to quell. Only Love can save him from the impending darkness, but his heart is walled.
After years of self-enforced exile in England, Rory returns to Scotland to seek his own destiny. On his journey, Rory aids and rescues a young woman who is broken and battered from a terrible accident. Rory knows he has to save her. In saving her, is it possible to save himself? His heart gradually opens, only to find this woman is his most sworn and hated enemy. Amid lies and betrayal, can Brielle’s love save Rory from the Darkness that seeps through his veins? Can her love prevent him from the self- destructive course he has been destined to run?
Angela’s Review:
                I am a huge fan of all things Scottish, and I adore my Scottish romance books!  Ms. Cantrell did a wonderful job creating and describing the characters, in this sensual story of healing and love.
                There are times where the political intrigue throughout Scotland’s history makes for intense storylines.  However, I find that the conflict between feuding clans even more interesting, as it draws out the alpha in the highland hero, and the strong-headed heroine. Honor and propriety is what I love best about a good Scottish romance. The author captured that in Rory and Brielle’s story.
                Though the hero was haunted by vengeance, he never lost his honorable, protective nature to the opposite sex.   I found his concern for Brielle to be endearing, as well as sexy.  The only issue I had with the character was the author’s use of both the Gael and English version of the name.  At times she would refer to him as Ruari, and other times he was referred to as, Rory.  Though it did not deter from the story, I didn’t think it was necessary. It was clear to me as a reader, that this was indeed a Scottish romance.
                Brielle was an amazing heroine, and I loved that the author—in some sense—let her be the one to save Rory from the darkness.  She was strong, as well as beautiful just as a heroine should be.  
                One of my favorite aspects of the story was the ghost of Rory’s deceased betrothed, Caitlyn. I could feel Rory’s closure and healing, as the ghost encouraged him to move forward.
                Overall, I found it to be a romantic, sensual read, and I enjoyed it very much. If you’re a lover of Scottish romance then you will want to give Celtic Fury by Ria Cantrell a read.
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