Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nanee's Satin Sheets Review of Whirlwind by Layla Chase

Book Description :

Hosting her first booth at a national tattoo convention is nerve-racking enough for artist Senna Whitefeather. Then she confronts the smoking hot Native American with a firm body and piercing dark eyes who's been following her all day. Appreciation for art takes on a new meaning when a challenge to unveil their tattoos escalates into a passionate encounter in the back of her booth. But when the stranger's identity is revealed, will Senna's brazen "go-for-it" attitude backfire?
 Nanee's Review
The description of the story was so hot and sexy I couldn't help but want to read. Chev the main male character was  a panty dropping, hot, sexy, drool worthy Native American  which you can't help but get hot for. Senna a Native American tattoo artist  whose trying to get grants to establish herself in this field isn't looking for a man but when Chev stalks her through the convention she can't help but notice his dark eyes, muscles and sexy as sin face.  When they are finally alone things get hot and heavy when they show each other their ink. Totally sexy story but very very short, this story could have kept going it was so very hot and sexy. I really enjoyed reading this story, Just wish it kept going after Chev's diner invitation.


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