Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nadene's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Sworn to Love (Vows of The Heart 2) by Kathryn Loch


Five years ago, Navy SEAL Nathan Lancaster lost his wife of four days, the woman he loved more than life, to an avalanche during their honeymoon. Despite the assistance of his team, he never found Ana's body, and Nathan buried his heart in an empty casket. Devastated, Nathan tried to drown his pain in alcohol, but ended up losing his position with the SEALs and destroying his tenuous relationship with his brother, Ethan, instead. But while Ethan and his wife, Bethany, were on the run from ruthless arms dealer, Cordova, they discovered evidence that suggested Ana might still be alive.

Sober for the past year, Nathan has learned to draw strength from his family and put his life back into some semblance of order. But finding out that Ana still lives sends him reeling, and when he comes face-to-face with his beloved wife, only to discover she has no memory of him and is married to another man, he must walk the fine line between self-preservation and self-destruction once again. But there is far more going on behind Ana's memory loss than meets the eye, and when Nathan learns someone is trying to kill her, he’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves, even if it means she never recovers her memories of their life together.

Convinced that the only way to keep Ana safe is to keep her close, Nathan struggles to find the strength to rediscover the woman who once loved him. Will Ana ever remember him and the love they shared? Will he be able to figure out who is trying to kill her and why before it’s too late? Or will his second chance at happiness result in only a return to the grief that nearly destroyed his soul?


WOW!   I absolutely loved this story. After being introduced to Nathan in Sworn to Protect I could not wait to read his story in Sworn to Love. My wish was granted when the author so graciously provided me the opportunity to just that and I must say I was not in the least disappointed.  Ms. Loch is a pro at what she does. She knew just how to hold my attention from the very first line. I just could not put this book down. 

Just like the first book in the series Sworn to Love is story filled with romance, action and suspense.  I was able to empathize with Nathan and the pain he was going through when he thought he had lost the love of his life. He had basically given up on life and no one, not even him mother could get through to him.

I loved the way the author portrayed past and current events thereby allowing the reader to have a better understanding of the joy and pain that both Nathan and Ana were experiencing and how they were both able to overcome in the end.

Sworn to love is a beautiful story of love. It kept me turning the pages as I just could not get enough of the characters. It was good to see Bethany and Ethan making an appearance in this story. This helped to increase the level of action, suspense and nail biting moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. It may not have given me the adrenaline rush that the first book in the series did but it certainly held its own with its twists and turns.  It was an easy to read, fast paced story. My only complaint is that it ended far too quickly.

Ms. Loch has officially joined my list of favorite authors and I definitely can’t wait to read more of her stories.  This book comes highly recommended so go and get your copy it will be money well spent.

This title was awarded 5 Satin Pillows

Heat Rating 2 candles

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