Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nanee's review of An Inconvenient Wife By Constance Hussey


Book description:

Fleeing an obsessive suitor, Anne Mackenzie finds refuge in Portugal, although she will only be completely safe in England. When she takes two children into her care, she never dreams that they will be the key to return her home. Lord Westcott can take her away from Portugal and protect her from the dangerous man in her past, but the price is high—a loveless marriage. Unless Anne can thaw the heart of this compelling, aloof stranger, they may be irrevocably bound to a lifetime of unhappiness.

Unable to ignore the bonds of friendship, Lord Westcott reluctantly agrees to visit Portugal in search of a missing child. A recluse since the death of his wife and a crippling injury to his daughter, he never imagines he will return with two orphans and a wife—a wife whose dangerous secrets threaten his very life—and his long-frozen heart.
Chance has thrown them together, but only love can transform an inconvenient wife into his heart’s desire.

Nanee's review 

I loved this book, the story is so intriguing...I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it.....The story begins in 1804 Hampshire England home of Nicholas Blackwell "Viscount  Westcott"' (a loner or some might call him a recluse )his best  friend Dev St Clair has asked a favor that Nicholas cant help but  begrudgely  agree too. He needs to go to Portugal to locate a young girl who may be in trouble.  It may sound easy but its far from it. He meets  Anne Mckenzie whose caring for the young girl and brother that Nicholas is searching for. A chance encounter and a promise of safety is all Anne needs to agree to be Nicholas's wife in name only. Nicholas has reasons beyond Anne's safety for wanting  a wife in name only but one's he won't share...will their relationship blossom into something more? Read it to find out ...this book is super sweet, romantic and very cute all in one. I thoroughly enjoyed this book...it reminds me of historical romances I read and would highly recommend this one.  



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