Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nadene's Satin Sheets Review of Paranormal Sightings (Cruising The South China Seas) by Judy Marriott

LENGTH: 84 pages


Beth, a curvaceous red head from London, England, thinks her love life is over when she is attacked by a rogue werewolf. Full of self-disgust over her new form and not really understanding what has happened, she withdraws into herself, until through her work as an artist, she wins a two week luxury cruise in the South China Sea. Despite huge reservations over managing ‘shape shifting’ at sea, she accepts.

As soon as she boards in Hong Kong, she meets Gerry Slavinsky; an CPSW investigator from Boston USA, appointed to discover how a passenger died in his cabin under peculiar circumstances. The attraction for both of them is explosive; but both know that any sexual union is out of the question. Sensing her arousal, Bjorg Adamsen, both the cruise hotel director, and the powerful, ship pack leader, pursues her. Despite his obvious good looks, intuitively she perceives evil. When the murders continue, Beth knows that, to survive, she must ally herself to one or the other.


Being an avid fan of paranormal romance as well as romantic suspense I was quite intrigued by the  blurb and was grateful for the opportunity to read and review this title. As this was my first time reading this author's work I was not sure what to expect. 
The story started out great but then it lost it's momentum in the middle but then it picked up in the end.  Paranormal sightings is what one would classify as a romantic suspense with the focus being on werewolves.

Beth is a recently turned werewolf who had won a two week luxury cruise in the South China Sea.  She too this cruise as a means of getting away and to try and deal with the issue of her being an werewolf.  Gerry is purebred werewolf, who is an investigator for the Centre for Paranormal Sightings Worldwide.  His purpose for being on the cruise was to investigate the mysterious death of one of the passengers.  The attraction between these two was evident from the outset, however as they both had their own demons from the past to deal with they were bent on fighting their feelings for each other.
Although this is a part of a series it can be read as a stand alone.

For me the mystery element was somewhat predictable. It was quite easy for me to figure out whom the murderer was.  It did not give me that edge of your seat feeling that I have come to expect from romantic suspense stories.   There were no twists and turns. The ending was good as it does not leave the reader hanging.

Overall this was an ok read.  Although I was not completely impressed by this particular story I would still recommend it to readers who may find this type of story appealing. 

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