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My name is Nadene.  I live in Kingston, Jamaica.  I work with the government of my country as a tax auditor. I absolutely enjoy reading.  I have been reading from I was three years old.
I have recently started writing reviews and found that I love sharing my experience with the stories I have read with others.  My favourite books are Whitney My Love and Paradise by Judith McNaught.  My favourite authors are Judith McNaught, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Danielle Steele, Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, Stephen King and Dean Koontz.
In addition to reading I enjoy watching television, going to the cinema, listening to music, playing scrabble and singing.
Recently I have developed a liking for paranormal romance after having been introduced to the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward.  In addition to this genre I enjoy contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, mystery, legal thrillers and horror. I don’t read sci-fi as I can’t seem to wrap my brain around that one.
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Hi !! I am Kimberley Wade , I am a SAHM of two 8/9 one of each. I have been married for 10 years .  I am an avid reader of many things BUT my passion is romance. I am the sucker for those, I love the happy endings. I have only been reading non stop for the last three years and so I am trying to catch up on what the world already knows. And so far i think I have made a wonderful dent in it. 
I love to dabble in writing myself. Sometimes I just sit down and go to town on a story so I can sleep at night. Nothing fancy and nothing I would share with the world , but I do get that thrill when someone does reads it and likes it. I mean who wouldn't like it uh? 

I grew up in a very small town in South Carolina, where as a kid, I always loved to read books and write songs. After having success in my home state I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming a songwriter and made the move to Nashville, TN.  Realizing that dreams don’t pay the bills, I started a Medical Billing Company which I still run today.  When I am not trying to write the next big hit or searching for a husband you can always find me reading books because it’s my passion not a hobby.   I also love spending time with my friends, nieces, nephews and my two fur babies.  I enjoy making people laugh so if you would like please feel free to follow me on Twitter @merri_aw or on Facebook (Anne Welch).

Krystal Shannan
I've been reading and writing since... well forever. I gravitate toward romance -anything with a Happily Ever After. Variety is the spice of life and I read all different romance genres. Though most are either contemporary or paranormal. Mmmmm. I just love werewolves. 

Two of my favorite books are Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Goddess of Spring by PC Cast. My favorite genre to read is paranormal romance, but I also adore historicals with sexy Scottish Highlanders. Yummmm. I love contemporary romance where the author manages to capture a good amount of snark or humor, yeah...just about any genre of romance.

I love reading, writing, history, romance and all things Scottish! I love a man in a kilt, and I have to say my husband looks amazing in his!!! I'm pleased to say that I have officially become a member of the Romance Writers of America organization, as well as its local chapter the Heart of Carolina located in Raleigh, NC. I am currently working on my first historical romance, a novella, Into the Widow's Web!!!

I love to play volleyball, softball and golf, but I don't claim to be the best. However, I can be very competitive!!! I love attending Renaissance fairs and highland games. Photography and traveling are my other hobbies. I love the Washington Redskins, Redsox, Celtics and Bruins! Yup!! Love sports!!!

Dariel loves books, animals, and all things paranormal. She has written articles for The News Item of Mobile, and Black Health Magazine of Atlanta. A classically trained pianist and vocalist with a degree in piano and vocal performance and a master’s in counseling psychology, she completed studies for a Ph.D. with the exception of her dissertation. She is presently writing a shifter romance series and a Nephilim series. Book one in the “Dark Sentinels” series was published July, 2012, and book two will be available December, 2012.

An avid reader, Dariel’s favorites are paranormal romance (the darker the better) with vamps, weres, and angels, fallen or otherwise, and urban fantasy with romantic elements. She also enjoys romantic suspense and sci-fi romance.


I love books, always have. I love paperbacks. Hardbacks, not so much. I loath dust jackets. I adore my kindle. It allows me to purchase whatever book I want without having to face the checker with my bright pink book covered with swarthy and/or sweaty man on the front.
If I had to pick one genre as a favorite it would be Paranormal Romance. I read tons of other stuff too though. I enjoy tons of books I don't like to admit.  I can admit that I got into reading again for fun after college was over with a little series called the Dark Series by Christine Feehan. You might have heard of it. My husband is a huge influence for me and continues to show me surprise favorite book after another from his collection. Honestly, his paperback collection is one of the top five reasons I married him. NO, I will not tell you the other 4.

Susan B. Anna
Hello all, my name is Alma Gonzalez aka Susan B. Anna, and I have been a fan of books and writing since I was eleven years old.  I started writing poetry and then ventured into articles and short stories when I started college.  I live in New York, born and raised, am a Yankee and Giants fan and love to travel, cook, spend time with my family and most of all my girl friends who help keep me grounded. 

I love romance, erotic romance, drama and of course thrillers.  I have always loved to read and always imagined myself writing a book of my own, which I have now completed and am now focusing on editing a bit more before submitting to a publisher for print.  A link to my novel can be found below courtesy of, and entitled “To live & Love Again” you can also find some of my other writings via links provided below and if you do take the time to visit, please feel free to leave a comment. :-)
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When Kande first announced that she wanted to be a writer she was laughed at but she didn’t let that stop her. Kande just kept writing and writing. It didn’t take her long after that to realize her passion for writing was a gift. Kande loves writing about vampires and things that go bump in the night. Her favorite thing to write is erotica so make sure you have your sham wow panties on because her stories will leave you dripping for more.

My name is Nanee McGee  i am an aspiring writer of sexy romances/romance thrillers and i hope to have a debut novel out this year. I am a total lover of all books but if I had to pick a genre I would pick, contemporary romance, erotic romance, anything Romance lol... I have a amazing husband who shares my passion for writing although his is NOT romance related lol...i have a wonderful pooch who is so handsome and loving and makes me smile...I have met some amazing people and writers throughout the years who have given me the kick and inspiration I needed to continue to write . 

I've traveled all over the world, been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to the Devil’s Anvil in Saudi Arabia, on top of the highest mountain in the Middle East and the lowest in the USA. After spending a lifetime working in or with the military I finally had made enough to sit back and do as much (or as little) as I wanted to and since I had always been an avid reader the jump to making it one of my major pastimes was easy. I am married (somehow) and have 3 daughters and one son (who is presently in the Mideast working for the military, runs in the family).  I've read many different genres over the years but stumbled into Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy after many years of reading mostly books in the Fantasy genre.  Found out I liked books that did not spend pages/chapters telling the color of grass or the feel of a rock, I wanted a good story about people of action and passion that did not always end up in some tragedy.  So my reading is almost 100% PNR/UF and I do prefer M/F as a main theme.

I’ m happily married with two children. I love to cook, hike, bike, and hang with my girlfriends.

I’m an avid romance reader and enjoy all types of romance novels including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica.
Oh and did I mention I have my own consulting business?

I obviously had a couple of hours left in the day so I began writing romance. I wanted to bring readers hot, sexy romances that are brought to life with compelling characters.  Who knew writing romance could be as much fun as reading it!

I live in a suburb of Dallas with my husband, children, three dogs, and a cat.  When I am not spending time with my family, I love to curl up with a good book.  I love to read ~ everything from how-to’s to murder mysteries.  Give me a strong-willed heroine with a hero worthy of her love; throw in a bit of the paranormal, and I’m hooked.  My absolute favorites are fantasy, suspense, and paranormal romance.  My favorite books include Darkness Chosen series, The Chosen Ones series, and Wilder by Christina Dodd, Krewe of Hunters series and The Presence by Heather Graham, and The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

I constantly take pictures of landscapes, nature, clouds (especially storm clouds), and the sky.  I love seeing the colors nature creates in the sky at sunset and dawn (even though I am not a morning person).  I use these pictures when I paint and as inspiration in my writing.

I have been writing in one form or another since my childhood, and have just recently begun work on my first “real” manuscript.  FACEBOOK | TWITTER | BLOG

Enjoys a good Military Romance {especially Marines} and adores Paranormal Romance. Always has a soft spot for the badboy archetype. Always game for a good Contemporary Romance. Also enjoys YA books.

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I have been married to a wonderful man for 21 years, a mother of 5 and grandmother of 4. I am an avid reader of a variety of books, but romance is high on my list. I enjoy cooking, do it yourself projects, sewing, movies, going to book signings, virtual book parties and spending time with my family.