Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nanee's Review of Firefly Mountain by Christine Depetrillo

Firefly Mountain

Firefly mountains by Christine DePetrillo
Book description

Firefighter Patrick Barre is determined to hide away in the woods of Vermont. He's content to do his job, remodel his house, and enjoy the company of his arson-detection dog, Midas. Scars from the fire that destroyed his family keep him from letting anyone into his life.
Gini Claremont uses her camera to celebrate the beauty of life. Nature soothes her, while anger is dangerous for Gini--and anyone near her. If she doesn't guard her emotions, her surroundings could go up in flames. Living alone, keeping busy, and letting her family keep watch on her is best for everyone.
When an arsonist declares war on their town, Patrick and Gini reluctantly band together to sift through the ashes, each holding a secret close to the heart. As the arson escalates, so does their mutual attraction. Will teaming up put out the fires, or start a whole new

Nanee 's Review

I really loved this book, it was on my TBR list for a while and when I finally read it I was pleasantly surprised. I always love to read about sexy fireman and poochies. The writer created a unique love story that you can't help but fall for. One word to describe Patrick would be Hero, if you look up the definition you would see Patrick's picture. He saved his sisters in a horrible fire that claimed his parents, although he is terribly scarred from the fire both mentally and physically he won't consider being anything else but a fireman. One of his sisters talks him into moving and starting a new life and that's when he meets Gini. Gini has unique abilities ( I won't ruin it) but she is a one of a kind women in many ways. She loves to help, rescue and volunteer her time at the local animal shelter, she is a amazing photographer. She is loved by everyone in the community. She always has a smile and is carefree ( or so it seems). What Gini is missing is... love. When Gini meets Patrick sparks fly and tempers flare, but they cant stop thinking of each other. They need each other in more ways then one. This story takes you on a interesting journey....the reader goes through each emotion; sadness, loss, love and happily ever after. The cast of characters in this story just makes it that much Midas he's my favorite.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Nanee! Glad you enjoyed Firefly Mountain!