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Author Natalie Gibson hijacks Satin Sheets

Beltane Blitz

Another exerpt from Gwyneth's Anchor, my Sinnis Short, that just happens to be set on Beltane!

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"Gwyneth was glad Nurzhan and Lillian were talking to each other and hadn't noticed
her spacing out. Nurzhan was like Lillian's brother but without all that sibling rivalry crap.
They didn't even compete with each other for her affections. Lillian would always be her
sister, irreplaceable. Nurzhan would always be her...well, hers. They laughed and talked.
Nurzhan teased Lillian about boys. That gave Gwyneth an idea.

“We need to set Lilly up with a Nephilim.” They both gawked at her. “What? We
should. All the boys we know are so immature. She needs a date for Beltaine. There are
plenty who haven't found their Sinnis.”

“Any number would be honored to share the heat of Beltaine's fire with so beautiful a
young woman, although...” Nurzhan's voice was mesmerizing. His constant contact with
his Sinnis, claimed or not, had nearly silenced his hunger beast. He almost sounded

“What?” Gwyneth questioned. “Mom said we're both old enough to celebrate this year
and she deserves someone really special for the first time.”

Nurzhan knew she didn't mean the first time, just the first Beltaine she'd dance as an
adult. Lillian was not secretive about not being a virgin. “She does...” He would like to be
nearby if Lillian was going to couple with a Nephilim but he had plans of his own for
Beltaine. He planned to be very preoccupied.

“No, I don't think so, Gwyn. Look, regular guys are disappointing enough without
having to measure up to a Nephilim. I don't need a date. I'm doing it the old fashion
Beltaine way.”

“You're building a hut though, right?”

“Yes, of course. I already said I would. Right next to yours. If sparks fly, I'll choose
someone there to play house with me.”

They reached the Economics building but Nurzhan held Gwyneth back. “Save me a
seat, Lilly. I'll be right there.” When she had gone, he pulled Gwyneth around the corner of
the building. There was an alcove there, surrounded by trees. She expected him to say
something but he just stood there. She turned to stand in front of him, her hand on her hip,
ready to fight.

His eyes bored into hers. They flashed red in a way she'd never seen before. She
backed away from him but he matched every step of her retreat with one of his own. She
found herself trapped between the brick wall and Nurzhan's chest. The two weren't that

She lifted her face in defiance. “I am going to dance at Beltaine. I will have a hut and
either you can join me or I will choose another.”

He pressed his face against hers. His eyes were all she could see, when he spoke his
lips brushed hers with a feather soft touch. One hand at her waist, burning a hole in her
blouse, the other on her shoulder, its thumb on her pulse. “No other will ever lay with
you.” The hand on her shoulder moved almost imperceptibly in towards her throat. “You
are mine, Gwyneth Lovejoy, and mine alone.”

His voice sounded raw, his hunger beast closer to the surface than she'd ever heard it.
Its second voice was coming through and it sounded like his words were backed by the
rumble of a lion's roar. Red flames burned in his gaze. “Stop it, Nurzhan. You're scaring
me.” She pushed against his chest and it had about the same effect that her shoving on
the brick wall behind her would.

“Perhaps you should be frightened. You bait the bear, thinking it's chained.”
Gwyneth kissed him then. It was such a short distance, such a small movement, to be
so electrifying. Her tongue brushed his. He tasted like honey and pepper. She explored
his mouth and was surprised to find his incisors were lengthened. A sharp sudden pain in
her lip told her they were lethally sharp.

She tried to pull back but was still sandwiched. Nurzhan growled and angled his head
to deepen the kiss. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and she melted into him. He
shook with the effort it took to step back. “You should get to class.”

Not ready to leave when she thought she was winning, “You better be at the Beltaine
bonfire if you don't want someone else to help me celebrate.”

Nurzhan stood stoic, his face down turned. He was breathing quite hard. “I will be
there. My beast won't let me stay away as I should.” His words were ground out from
behind clenched teeth. “This is my own fault.”"

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Have a wonderful Beltane and thank you for stopping by!

from me,
Author Natalie Gibson

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