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Kimberley's Satin Sheets Romance Review of All Through the Night by Sandra Calhoune

Kimberley's Satin Sheets Romance Review of All Through the Night by Sandra Calhoune

Title:  All Through the Night
Author: Sandra Calhoune
Author's Website:
Whispers Publishing (March 28, 2013)
contemporary interracial multicultural romance
381 pages
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BLURB: Darcel Dawkins, a successful Realtor, is in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a murder in the wee hours of the morning. As Darcel flees the murder scene and finds herself chased by the killer, rescue comes in the form of Sheriff Jake Trueblood.

When the killer makes an attempt on Darcel's life, Jake decides to move her into his house and place her under twenty-four hour supervision. Although Darcel and Jake are sworn enemies due to his belief that Darcel has spread a nasty rumor about him around town, she realizes that she needs Jake Trueblood in order to stay one step ahead of a killer.

But, what the killer doesn't know is that Darcel has PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and cannot remember his face. As Trueblood tries to keep Darcel out of a killer's grasp, the two find themselves clashing, then surrendering to a blazing passion that knows no bounds.

Kimberley's Review....

OH , what a book , what character’s Ms Calhoune  has come up with!! This was a wonderful book , once I picked it up I didn’t put it down till I was done.  I so enjoyed the cast of characters, the wonder web of mystery involved. The fact that she painted this great story, and honestly I didn’t know who the killer was until the last chapter! The love story alone was amazing and just enough hot sex to satisfy anyone.  She didn’t harp on the difference between them, nor did she ever make you not feel like you were part of it. I want to find me a man like Jake Trueblood! Yummy, and hot as sin, sweet and feisty Darcel is the woman we all want to be someday. I didn’t read the first book to this series ( Lair’s Web) but, I didn’t need too. She gave the back story so well, that if you didn’t read it you wouldn’t feel left out and wondering uh? I hope there are more books in the works from this author about more people in town hint hint Ms Calhoune . Do yourself a favor and go get yourself this book, get comfortable and read a truly great story.. 

 Darcel nursed her Pinot Grigio and watched from across the courtyard as her sworn enemy chatted up a group of good-looking ladies. It’s like watching a train wreck. She wanted to look away from the nauseating sight, but she couldn't tear her gaze from the wreckage.
Jake Trueblood was like a panther—dark, sleek, and deadly. And the eligible ladies of Liberty Creek were acting as if he were the last single man on the planet earth. She tried not to gawk as one of the women handed him a glass of lemonade and he took a long sip, his throat convulsing as he greedily consumed the contents.
He was handsome—she had to admit—in a rugged, ruthless kind of way. He was tall, six-foot three, she would guess, with a massive build comprised of pure muscle. His features were strong and bold—high cheekbones, a hawkish nose, and full ruby lips. His skin looked like burnished copper, no doubt with a little help from the Texas sun. His onyx-colored hair hung to his shoulders in a straight, no frills style.
On another man, it might've looked girly, but it just served to make him look manlier. His brown eyes were dark as sin and looked almost black. His Native American good looks could certainly make a woman stop and stare.
Not that she would ever admit to anyone she found him attractive! He was mean, cocky, rude, and an absolute tool. And he'd made it clear on several occasions he despised everything about her.
You are hereby accused of being a small-minded, obnoxious gossip.
Trueblood's words had been cutting and to the point, leaving no question as to his disgust. It still bothered her that he harbored such animosity toward her, such unbridled hatred. She wasn't used to people not liking her. In her profession, it was vitally important she be likable, personable, and approachable. Without those qualities, she wouldn't be able to sell ice water in the desert, never mind million dollar homes in Texas. And she was good at her job, the best, in fact, in the entire region.
Heat seared through her as he looked up and met her gaze, his dark eyes inscrutable and forbidding. For God's sake, he was practically scowling at her. Screw him! She had just as much right to be here as he did. Star was her best friend, and her relationship with Case had grown into a solid friendship over the past few months.
When Star sidled up and put an arm lovingly around her shoulder, it provided her with a well-needed distraction from Jake Trueblood's annoying presence.
Hey, girl, thanks for the fabulous party. Case told me how much you helped with the planning. I can't tell you how much it means to me.”
Her best friend was beaming. She radiated happiness. And she was looking more gorgeous than ever. Darcel held her hands up in protest. “Don't thank me. Your mom was like a machine, the way she ran things. She could be a professional party planner if she wanted to.” Self-consciously, she darted a glance in Trueblood's direction.
Star followed her gaze. “Like bees to honey. They're really swarming around him, aren't they?”
Darcel sniffed. “It's amazing what some people find attractive.”
Star let out a throaty laugh. “C'mon, girl. You may hate the man, but you have to admit he's gorgeous.”
“And butt-ugly on the inside.”
Star swatted her hand at Darcel. “He's not so bad. I know the two of you got off on the wrong foot, but he's a really good guy.”
Darcel sputtered on her Pinot. “Wrong foot? That's putting it mildly. The last time we faced off, he called me every name in the book. And then some.”
Star patted her on the arm reassuringly. “I'm sorry about that. He doesn't know you like I do. You're one of the most generous, kind people I've ever known.”
Tears prickled in Darcel's eyes as she listened to Star's soothing words. She'd never wanted to admit how much it hurt when Trueblood had called her out and labeled her as a vicious gossip-monger. And all because of a simple rumor she'd passed on about him and the widow Jenkins. She hadn't created the rumor, for goodness’ sakes. She'd just passed it on a couple of times. Well, perhaps it had been more than a couple of times, but schmoozing with customers was part of her job duties as a realtor. Sometimes exchanging tidbits of information was part of the process of selling real estate. So bite me, Trueblood!
Case suddenly appeared at Star's side and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her toward him in a tight embrace. As Darcel looked on, Case planted a steamy kiss on Star's lips, one that drew catcalls and whistles from the guests. Case pulled away from his wife and scowled at his audience. “Hush. Can't you see I'm trying to romance my wife?”
“By the looks of it, bro, you've already done a bit of romancing,” Drew, Case's handsome younger brother, piped in as he pointed to his sister-in-law's bulging belly. His comment drew laughter from the crowd, and Darcel couldn't help noticing Trueblood threw his dark head back in laughter and clapped Drew on the back.
So he does laugh, after all. He isn't just brooding dark looks and snarky comments. He isn't just a bully with a badge. He is human.

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