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Nadene's Satin Sheets Romance Review of The Mistaken by Nancy S. Thompson

Author: Nancy S. Thompson
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing (October 14, 2012)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 420 pages
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All Tyler Karras wants is to enjoy life with his expectant bride; what he gets instead is a graveside seat at her funeral. With the woman who killed her uncharged and still free, all Ty wants now is revenge.

His brother, Nick, has dangerous connections and suggests a sadistic plan: grab the woman responsible and hand her over to his associates—sex-traffickers in San Francisco’s Russian Mafia. They offer Ty more than he dreamed possible. In exchange for the woman, they’ll finally let his brother leave the business for good—with his debt wiped clean and his heart still beating.

There’s just one problem: Ty kidnaps the wrong woman.

Now he must protect Hannah Maguire from the very enemy he's unleashed, but the Russians are holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal. Caught in a no-win situation, Ty must find a way to save himself, his brother, and the woman, but with the Russian Mafia, even two out of three makes for very long odds.

Nadene's Review of The Mistaken

This was an exciting, suspenseful, action-packed and a very emotional read with a lot of twists and turns with a bit of romance in the mix. The Mistaken was told from the POV of three persons which provides the reader with insight to what each of these characters were feeling and thinking.  This is not your typical romantic suspense read as the focus was more on the suspense and action than on the romance.  The romance was less than one third of the story.  The story grabbed me from the very first page and held me to the very end.  

The character development was great. The author made the characters appear realistic and it was like watching them from the sidelines. They were not perfect persons as they each had their own flaws and as such it makes it easy for readers to relate to them.

Tyler had what most persons would consider the perfect life, he was engaged to the love of his life, Jillian, and everything was going great until tragedy struck. This tragedy led Tyler into a cycle of self-destruction and self-loathing.  Because of his state of mind he never questioned his brother’s suggestion that he seek revenge against the person whom he believed was the reason for his current condition.  His brother, Nick, had ties with the Russian mafia so we know this plan was quite nefarious.  The plan went awry and Tyler ended up kidnapping the wrong woman, Hannah Maguire, whom also had her own demons to face. On realizing his mistake, Tyler tried to make amends which led to some serious repercussions. Hannah was a strong and compassionate individual.  It was these traits that helped Tyler to realize that he could not continue on his current destructive path. She helped him to overcome his grief and to move on with his life.

This book had me on the edge of my seat as I never knew what next to expect. It was a real page turner as I was eager to see what next was going to take place for Tyler, Hannah and Nick. This book reminded of what it felt like to experience loss which enabled me to empathize with Tyler.

This story shows the impact that one mistake can have on a person’s life and that no matter how strong we think we are there is something or someone out there that can ultimately break us. It also shows us the lengths persons would be willing to go through when they believe they are trying to right a wrong.

The ending was unpredictable and it does not leave the reader hanging. Ms. Thompson has outdone herself with this  book and I am looking forward to see what other surprises she will be dishing out to her readers.
This is a must read for lovers of action, thrillers, romance and suspense novels so go and get yourselves a copy and read, you will not regret it.

This title was awarded 5 Satin Pillows

Heat Rating


  1. Wow! Thank you so much, Nadene!!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! Thanks for requesting it then taking the time to read & review.