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Doug's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Eternal Lovers - Sekhmet's Guardians - Book One

Title: Eternal Lovers - Sekhmet's Guardians #1
Author: V.S. Nelson
Author's Website: V.S. Nelson.com
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Genre: Paranormal Romance with a Bit of Action/Suspence
Length: 446 pgs
Buy Link: Eternal Lovers - Sekhmet's Guardians #1


When two hidden worlds collide near modern day Lake Michigan, Jennifer, a young Native American is confronted with the reality, not
everything is as it seems and things do go bump in the night. The questions she has long since asked are answered in this epic tale of self
discovery when she meets Gabriel, the director of Guardians Inc.

Born in New Tuat, Netchkhet, now known as Gabriel came to Earth some 5,000 years ago to protect the human race. Disillusioned because of an
unfulfilled prophecy, he has become cold and distant - even from those of his kind. Secretly, he waits for his enemy to take his head so he may leave
this world for good.

Can a tiny Jen melt his hardened heart and restore his faith in a power far greater than himself? When history repeats itself, can he save her from
death's embrace or will they be robbed of a future again?

Doug's Review:

When I received this book I took one look and thought “Another indie vampire romance” …. I am SO glad to say it became one of the better PNR books I have read this year.

The story of Gabriel and Jennifer will lead you into places you have not visited much in Paranormal Romance, starting with the fact that Jen starts this book already married to someone else and no he is not beating her or anything like that, you will probably enjoy the twist (and nobody cheats and nobody dies, LOL).

Gabriel has suffered in grief for centuries due to the loss of his only love in an attack far back in ancient Egypt. He has really just existed and lived only for revenge on the follower’s of Set who took her life and since it seems the war that humanity is not even aware of is winding down, so is his reason for living.

Along comes Jen who he cannot keep his eyes off from the first moment they meet (yes the old MINE attraction) and while the romance takes longer than you might think based on that, you have to remember she is married and Gabriel is honorable if nothing else.

This novel hits the right balance of sex, romance, action and drama for me and I enjoyed it immensely but I have to point out a couple of things that hit a sour note for me.

It seems I have read about 4 books this year where the writer used “your’ and “ you're” as interchangeable words and that always breaks my concentration since to me (and I seldom mention editing) but I found these particularly glaring.

This book is around 450 pages which I loved but what it did was allow the author to get carried away a time or two in her descriptions and wanderings but it again was a minor thing but I only mention it because she overwrote the last chapter or two which became a bit of a drag to finish up the book. Sometimes less is more it would seem.

Bottom Line: This was an excellent story and the writing was good and not too overdone with verbiage, any complaints I have are minor and I already grabbed the next book in the series which will pair up one of the secondary characters with a “entity” from this book (yes you will love this idea also). The author does not seem to suffer from a lack of imagination so I give it 4 Stars and would have been more with a small bit of editing which would include some more concise writing but make no mistake; this is an awesome story I cannot wait to get back to reading in book #2.

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  1. Thank you Doug I'm so glad you enjoyed book one of the series. By the way, my two editors are going over Eternal Lovers with a fine tooth comb and it will be rereleased without the typos and double tells in the near future. Looking forward to hearing how you enjoyed book two, Eternal Nights. Always, V

  2. Nice review, Doug. I've been holding off on pulling the trigger on this series. Looks like I might have to give it a try!

  3. I have just started book 2 Eternal Nights and it seems to be off to a great start but hoping it does not turn too dark. Let me know when book 3 is ready LOL I will post a review of book 2 here when I finish.