Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angela's Satins Sheets Romance Review for One Hot Summer by Alicia Sparks

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 Satin Sheets Romance Review of One Hot Summer by Alicia Sparks

Title:  One Hot Summer
Author:  Alicia Sparks
Author’s Website:
Genre Erotic Romance
Length: 54 pages

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When Summer Burgundy loses her dream job as head librarian of the State Library to Marcus Welks, she’s determined not to make his job easy. There’s something about the smug way he walks around, barking out orders that makes her want to show him who’s really in charge. When she locks him out of the library’s computer system, he makes a threat of punishment, telling her the price she’ll pay for locking him out. When he suggests a very sexual game, she’s not sure if she should go along with him or not.
However, things heat up in the library, causing the two to combust from the sexual attraction. Realizing she’s playing a dangerous game of dominance and submission, Summer gives in to Marcus. She’s too curious to resist the delights he promises. However, the control he exercises over her makes her realize that maybe she’s not ready to play these games unless it can be for keeps. She knows Marcus is not the kind of man who is interested in a long term relationship, only a summer fling. Deciding to quit the library, she delves into the underground world of S&M at a local club called Pleasure Shores.
After Summer leaves the library for good, Marcus finds himself pining after her and thinking about his past life as a dominant. He still owns part of an exclusive resort in Cabo and longs to share it with Summer. When she was spread open on the conference table in the special collections room, her pussy ready to take his punishment, it was as if he had met his match. Now, he’s pretty sure he has, especially since he found Summer with a guidebook to S&M. Her curiosity was piqued, and he knows he can show her the pleasures to be found in his old lifestyle.
Returning to his old life and Pleasure Shores, Marcus is surprised to see Summer there. He makes a vow to himself that he will make Summer his. Calling in a favor from one of his past submissives, Marcus sees just how far he can push Summer. He is rewarded when she meets his challenges, matching him move for move. 
Angela’s Review:
                It always amazes me when an author has the ability to make a strong bond between two characters, in these short stories. Ms. Sparks did a wonderful job of connecting me, as a reader to both of the main characters in this read.
                There were two very different sides to Marcus, but when the author combined is dominate side with the intellectual it made him even hotter. I loved how he wanted to help Summer explore her sexuality, but never pushing her beyond her comfort zone.
                I was pleasantly surprised by the ending of this story. Even though the exploration and sex scenes were extremely hot, it did not distract from the building tension between this couple that went far beyond just sex….there was a love connection growing.
                Overall, I enjoyed this quick read and found it very entertaining.  If you like your reads with bit of a dominate fetish than you will enjoy One Hot Summer by Alicia Sparks.

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