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Susan B. Anna's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Moving Forward (Time is Everything) by Erika Taylor

Title: Moving Forward (Time is Everything)
Author:  Erika Taylor
Book Length: Approx. 217 pgs.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Bio:  Jesika Reynolds’ heart was left broken one year ago when her husband died, leaving her and her son alone in this world. Slowly, she started putting the pieces of her life back together, knowing that she may never open herself up to love again. That was until the day Derek came into the picture.

Why does this gorgeous stranger seem to care so much, so suddenly?

Derek Jordan's charm drew her in with an instant connection, and familiarity that helps her feel at ease. Her heart is falling at his feet, but as their relationship grows, so does a secret from both of their pasts that neither saw coming. One by one, the threads slowly start to unravel.

Can their newly sought love stand up against the secrets that life is unlocking to their pasts? Or can they decide together that moving forward and forgetting the past is the only option for them to find true happiness?

Susan B. Anna’s Review

Jesika and Derek both have past relationships that made or broke them.  For Jesika it was losing her husband that made moving forward difficult, but for Derek it was abandonment.  They each had an instant attraction that couldn’t be denied.  A chemistry so strong that couldn’t be distinguished and a passion that so needed to be unleashed.  

As they decide to follow their hearts they come to realize the one thing their lives were missing were each other.  Derek however has been hiding something that can also hinder their relationship.  He wants to let her know what that is, but is also scared to add to the pain she undoubtedly feels for her now dead husband.  If he tells her will he lose the woman he has secretly loved in the background for two full years or will it bring them closer together?  

Jesika and Derek are characters you can surely fall in love with from the very beginning and their supporting characters, Mallory, Jesika’s best friend and Seth, Derek’s brother win you over just as easily.  Mallory because she portrays the supportive, outspoken and funny best friend we all may be happy to have and Seth because he has also been the rock Derek needs to assist him in moving on.  

I simply adored this story and cannot wait for the sequel which I am sure Erika Taylor will make certain pulls you in from the very beginning, just as “Moving Forward,” has. Truly enjoyed reading this. 


Happily Awarded 4 SSR Pillows…

with a heat index of 4 Sizzling Candles


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