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Natalie Gibson's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Bite of Envy by Kay Glass 

Bite of Envy (Just One Bite)
by Kay Glass

ebook format
Genre: Paranormal (vampire) Erotic (lesbian) Romance
length: 44,000 words

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Diandra and Lizbeth are back for the final installment of the Just One Bite series. District Attorney Giles Carson is still out for blood, and he's leaving plenty of it behind in a series of lesbian murders around the shores of Delaware, striking too close to home for Lizbeth when a face from her past becomes a target. 

Together with RaeLynn, Adrian and Eamon, the group will face unending emotion: Love, Regret, Grief, and above all, Envy. Can they stop Carson before they find themselves grieving anew? 

***This novel contains adult content, including f/f relations.*** 

Natalie Gibson's review 

Lizbeth is a vampire now, having given her consent should her life be in danger.  She is regretting having ever given that consent.  She is feeling resentment that Diandra gained so much so quickly from being turned and all she, Lizbeth, got was hassle.  As always with these two, the smallest thing escalates into a near life-changing, heart-breaking, relationship-ending fight.  Their home is filled with bickering and misunderstandings.  Once they realize the issues, they are easily solved.  No matter what the problem, Lizbeth and Dia are determined to last.

Eamon the mentor vampire who prefers life as a cat, RaeLynn the super baby, and Adrian the Wiccan with a direct link to the Goddess and amazing blood regeneration abilities are all back to help in the battle with Giles Carson that has been building for four books.  There are some new faces too.  Andrew, the skater boy hacker, and Sandra, Lizbeth's ex-lover, join the fray to varying degrees of success.

This is the final book in the Just One Bite series.  It is a satisfying ending with everyone's story being tied into a nice tidy little bow.  The book is mostly drama between the lesbian couple and training for the newbie vamps with the climax at the end that we've all been waiting for.  If you are looking for lesbian romance with a dash of paranormal, this series is for you.  I am going to keep my eyes on Kay Glass.  She improves with every piece she writes.  Each in this series is better than the last and she has something for everyone.  Her erotica is nice and spicy with the right amount of romance.  Her short stories have heart and purpose.  

I award Bite of Envy 4 satin pillows.

Bite of Envy earns 2 flames for its erotic depictions of lesbian sex, violence and adult language.

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