Sunday, January 27, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review for His Heart's Desire by Kristi Ahlers

Sunday, January 27, 2013- Satin Sheets Review of His Heart’s Desire by Kristi Ahlers

 Title:  His Heart’s Desire
Author:  Kristi Ahlers

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Length:  252 pages
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What’s a woman to do when faced with the man of her dreams—literally?
        Catrìona MacDougall has dreamed of a highland warrior for years and over the course of her life she’s fallen irretrievably in love with a man she can’t have. This won’t do and she vows it’s time to put the dream man on the shelf and find a real man who can make her melt. What should seem like a very uncomplicated plan soon proves to be anything but. Catrìona is about to get way more than she ever bargained on.   Maybe dreams really can become reality.

        Laird Braden Ross, once a brave warrior for his clan was to marry Catrìona MacDougall and what started as a marriage to solidify clan relations turns into a love match. But, when Braden leaves MacDougall land with his bride to be, they are ambushed by banished members of the Comyn clan under the direction of Morgana a druid priestess who has long held deep feelings for Braden and when those feelings weren’t returned she vowed to make him pay. She attacks Catrìona and leaves her to die in Braden’s arms after cursing him into a loveless existence until his soul mate releases him.

       Braden has been trying to reach out to Catrìona but she is convinced he’s nothing but a dream. He needs to prove to her they are meant to be, before she banishes him to the afterlife.

Angela’s Review:

His Heart’s Desire is set in the very whimsical and historic French Quarter of New Orleans.  The author did an amazing job, as she described the surroundings with such depth that it touched all my senses.  I could clearly envision the history, hear the jazz, smell the magnolias and feel the magic that is New Orleans. 

I find that it is hard to rate Braden and Catriona on separate levels, as this story was wholly about them.   Braden was the typical sexy alpha hero that we all love, and his steadfast will is what endeared me most to his character.  Catriona’s character is what I expect in a heroine.  She was independent, yet vulnerable when it came to Braden.     Ms. Ahlers brought the bond to life from the very beginning of the story, and continued to build upon it throughout the book.    It was fun to watch as these 12th century Scotsmen tried to acclimate to the present, and even better was Catriona’s response to the pair.     

For me Alec Ross stole the show in this read.  I loved how Kristi created this sexy, good-natured, amazingly witty, and unforgettable character.  It seemed that anytime Alec entered the story I was laughing.    He totally stole the show.  

I absolutely loved this book.  It was filled with history, romance, sexy kilted men, humor and lots of steamy sex scenes.    His Heart’s Desire is a wonderful enchanting tale of a love reborn.  If you love reading Melissa Mayhue or Veronica Wolff’s Scottish time travels and enjoy a Scottish romance with a bit of magical flare then His Heart’s Desire is not to be missed.  

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