Wednesday, January 16, 2013

~Ava's Satin Sheets Romance review of Two Doms for Angel by Holly S. Roberts ~

Title: Two Doms for Angel

Author: Holly S. Roberts

Genre: Erotic Romance


Length: 140 pages


Two Doms for Angel is a stand alone book though it has one scene at Club El Diablo.

Zachery: Former Marine, swat commander, and hero hunk with an erotic edge.

Angel: Rescued after being tortured by white slavers. Her haunted eyes beg two men for love.

Monroe: Lethal killer and mysterious Shibari artist in love with two special people. But, can they return what he needs to save his dark soul?

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. M/F/M, menage, BDSM, bondage, voyeurism and luscious male bodies at work.


WOW! I cannot believe I’ve never read any of Holly Robertson’s works before! She created amazing characters (each one lovable), and her writing and very vivid descriptions, were all fantastic in every sense that all made for a very addictive erotic read. A definite MUST read for all erotic genre fans out there :)

Angel is a woman that was trapped, kept prisoner for some time and used and abused by her captors. She’s a woman that has been through so much in life, yet manages to keep on living. She sets a strong example of a woman’s strength and determination at work, with a large side of play (wink wink). Having met both Zach and Monroe has worked wonders for her and I see her (even though she’s been through so much negative) as a VERY lucky woman!

Monroe is a mysterious, handsome and intriguing man that will set any woman’s panties a flame! He’s one hard core dominant that throws off the vibes both in and out of the bedroom. He can be gentle when needed and a killer when absolutely necessary, and a vicious one at that. He also has a kind heart, amazing looks and a hearty sexual appetite.

Zach is a hero through and through. The man has a huge heart and great looks. Since the day he met Monroe, he’s discovered more and more about himself both as a person and as a Dom. He has likes and dislikes in the bedroom, but has never allowed all of his likes to be known, to anyone. Befriending Monroe has helped him to realize his likes are not as abnormal as he feels they are and letting them be known to his intimate partners will only help to bring more to the experience and boy oh boy does it ever!

Two Doms for Angel is packed full of action, excitement, M/F/M scenes (that let off steam from the pages), very sexy BDSM elements and HOT heroes. All in all I’d say it is one gripping, emotional steamy and addictive read that leaves you wanting more in the very best of ways! I REALLY hope to see more of this trio. Really I do (hint hint).
5 Satin Pillows
Heat rating of 5
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  1. I have to read this! Great review Ava ;-)

  2. Ava thank you! An author could never ask for a better review. It's truly special!!!

    1. It's my pleasure Holly. You deserve the best review that I'm currently capable of. I'm so beyond happy to have had the privilege of reading work from you & Krystal. You are both tops on my fav author list!
      Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to me :)