Thursday, January 10, 2013

Krystal's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Forever and Ever, Amen by Liv Rancourt

Forever and Ever, Amen 
by Liv Rancourt
Genre: Parnormal Romance
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Length: 140 pages (eARC)

Molly's a forty-some single mom who goes out for Happy Hour and comes home with a helluva hickey. Turns out it's a demon's mark, and she'll have to face the three things that scare her most to get rid of it. In the process she might just find her forever.

Krystal's Satin Sheets Romance Review...

This story completely snuck up on me. I thought it was going one way and then it zinged and zagged and I found myself in hot pursuit. A twist on angels and demons, with a little vampire. It was quite fascinating and not what I expected.

Even though I'm a good bit younger than the female lead character, I totally got where Molly was in her life. Liv does a great job of sucking you into her characters' world and I loved the 'frames' of reality she created. The romance between her and Cass was sweet and a little tamer than what I normally read, but it suited the story perfectly. I think a lot of readers will connect with Molly's struggle through a divorce and trying to move forward and find her individuality again.

I have one tiny little request for Ms. Rancourt. Please don't ever use the word/phrase 'hoo wee' in a book again. I winced every time I heard it. I didn't think it fit Cass's character at all. In fact, I would have been happier had he had no evidence of an accent at all.

If you are looking for a heartfelt contemporary romance with a touch of the supernatural,  Forever and Ever, Amen is just for you. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Rancourt's work.

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  1. Great review and now I have to read it to hear Molly say "hoo wee." - and because it sounds fun. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Debbie! And I'll certainly take your recommendation under consideration, Krystal. ;) Thanks!!