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Susan B. Anna's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Haunted Shadows

Title: Haunted Shadows by Candace Sams, Dani-Lyn Alexander & Denise Moncrief

Genre: Paranormal Romance Suspence

Publisher: Still Moments Publishing

Bio:  Pumpkin Walk-In a fantasy version of an old-fashioned cake walk, a beautiful young witch wins the big green man of her dreams. Kate Cauldron is a witch who attends a country fair and signs up for an event known as the Pumpkin Walk. This strange, ancient contest matches couples who’ve given up finding the right partner on their own. But little does Kate know what fate has in store for her. When a big green goblin is chosen as her mate, there’s no turning back. She’s his for life!

Ghost- A haunting past, an uncertain future.  Jess is haunted by her past and by something else, as well, something that is becoming more substantial.  When she begins to see things she can’t explain, following a head injury she can’t remember, Jess has to wonder if she is going crazy, hallucinating, or seeing the figment of a damaged mind. Will she have to accept a reality that might be far worse?

Ghost in the Garden-Strange things start happening at the old Petrie place, so Gran hires Bo’s Paranormal Extermination Service, but then her granddaughter; Liza Petrie can smell a con artist when she gets a good whiff of her old high school crush, Bo Hendricks. To get rid of the dangers lurking in Gran’s house, Liza must overcome her distrust and help Bo exterminate the ghosts in the attic.

Susan’s Review

Three different authors bring together three great paranormal short stories, that will have you captivated and enthralled with each passing page.  As a paranormal fanatic I came to adore each story as it was written and look forward to reading more from these authors.

The Pumpkin Walk was a sweet coming together by ritual affair that binds a witch, Kate Cauldron with a Bocan, Lance Garretth Pendagron.  One would say he is smitten by Kate at first sight but also saddened by her brooding behavior.  As he continues to watch the woman of his dreams he is tempted to approach her but her demeanor holds him at bay.  Once he figures out Kate was only distracted by her decision to take the cake walk he automatically knows she will soon be tied to him forever and decides to be the one the cake walk binds to Kate forever.

Kate wants the same love and adoration her grandparents the ones who raised her since a small child had.  She witnessed firsthand what love was truly about and her grandparents were tied together by the cake walk, so why not.  Although the initial realization that she would soon be bound to a green giant, she soon realizes she has grown to admire him. I won’t divulge any more about this sweet read, but will say Candace Sams weaved a great tale. Candace Sam also writes erotica under the name C. S. Chatterly..

Our next story by Dani-Lyn Alexander goes more into the paranormal realm and here we find Jess who is haunted by a ghost Noah Hamilton who becomes more and more visible to her once she suffers a fall in her own home.  Jess can’t remember what happened, but she does want answers as Noah begins to manifest himself a lot more and she can now suddenly feel his touch. 

Noah had fallen in love with Kate and has been with her since she moved into her home.  He was surprised that she can now see him and more surprised that he can now feel her and most of all hold her.  This little story gave me shivers and a bit more as I came to understand more and more what Jess was and Noah was experiencing.  I enjoyed this one as well and truly adore Dani-Lyn for the love that poured out of this sweet and romantic paranormal story.

Last, but certainly not least we will come to Denise Moncrief’s, “Ghost in the Garden.”  When Liza Petrie leaves her husband and ends up at her Grandmother’s house she is not only taken back in time, but angered that the one who first broke her heart is now living and possibly conning her grandmother into believing she has ghost.  Bo Hendrick’s a supposed Paranormal  Extermination expert, has been undoubtedly fooling her Gran into thinking she had ghost and Liza was not going to let him get away with it.

Determined to get her Gran to believe her and toss Bo out on his rear Liza sets out to do some research of her own, yet soon gets sidetracked when she begins to experience some very weird occurrences, she can’t explain away and soon also discovers she is without a doubt still attracted to Mr. Hendricks and his very cool, sexy and very well structured body.  Has she gone mad or is this ghost that she still has doubts trying his or her best to bring them closer together.  Find out for yourself as I’d hate to really go further.  All three stories came together nicely and I highly recommend you give “Haunted Shadows,” a read, you won’t be disappointed.  Denise Moncrief,

I have to give this title Four Satin Sheet Pillows

                                With a heat rating of


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