Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holly's Review - His Scottish Pet by Red Phoenix

His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages 
by Red Phoenix 

Genre:  Historical / Erotica /  BDSM
Length: 110 pages
Format: eBook
Price:     $1.99

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In the 1400’s Ryce Leon moves to Scotland to escape the horrors of his past. The lusty Englishman is content to wear kilts and share his unique talents with the satisfied lasses of Rannoch. However, fate brings a forsaken young waif into his life, Chrisselle Buchanan. What begins as a simple pairing of Master and pet evolves into something powerful, with the potential to free Ryce from his unbearable curse.

Ryce Leon is a Master of exceptional experience, introducing the women of Rannoch to his rare skills. Unbeknownst to them, he hides a tragic secret - one that forces him to move from place to place, never putting down roots for fear of discovery. He has learned the terrible price of love and will not suffer such loss again. When the dying Chrisselle is thrust upon him, he is determined to rid himself of her as soon as she recovers. However, the Scottish waif’s brave spirit and curious nature eventually break down his defenses. It is clear that fate has brought them together, but Ryce knows from experience that fate can be a cruel mistress.

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

Holly's Review:

What I loved about this story…let me count the ways. This is my first adventure in reading a historical BDSM novel and obviously I’ve been missing out. Red Phoenix has a way of taking you along for the ride as she weaves in and out of her character’s lives. Ryce is a hero to die for; sturdy, loving, and hiding a dark secrets that took away the love of his life. Now, making his way from place to place, in order to keep his secret, the last thing he wants is a woman to cherish.

In steps Chrisselle. She’s young, curious, and has no problem living on the kinky side in order to capture Ryce’s heart. She captured mine as soon as she was introduced to the story.

I also loved the other women in the book and Ryce’s interaction with them from beginning to end. It’s very hard not to give away the ending in order to start a major discussion but I won’t. I will mention Eventide and give this incredible horse his due.

His Scottish Pet has everything an erotica, historical, and/or BDSM reader could want and the best part is that this is only the beginning of the series.

This review is also available at Satin Sheets Reviews. This book was not provided by the author for a fair and honest review because I purchased a copy myself. It was worth far more than I paid :-) I give this book 5 Satin Pillows and 4 Sizzling Candles!

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