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Satin Sheets Romance Author of the Month - Deborah Gafford

Welcome Deborah Gafford to Satin Sheets Romance!

Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like I just finished eating the last of the Thanksgiving turkey and now it's the beginning of spring! I guess that means I really need to get the final Christmas decorations put up so there's room to set out lawn chairs, right?
Here in my part of Texas, winter is mild with no snow or ice storms, but we do have many cold, cloudy days. When friends from other parts of the country tell me of their winters and claim we don't even have winter here, I tell them, "Yes we do. It came on a Tuesday last year." It's during the chilly gray days I especially love to read.
Reading does for me what the woman in the old Calgon commercial experienced when she said, "Calgon, take me away!" and was magically whisked away to a place where she felt relaxed and happy. Or, depending on my mood, reading propels me into a world of vampires where danger and death lurks around every corner. When my gloomy moods need brightening, I read romantic comedy and my tension escapes on the breath of every laugh.
If I want to step into the past, into the arms of a strong handsome hero who chooses to love and protect me no matter the cost, reading gives me the opportunity to experience timeless love.
For me, reading opens a magical doorway to times, places, people and emotions I choose. I have control and choice. If I choose to read a murder thriller by myself on a stormy night, I have control. When it gets too frightening, I shut the book and hide it in my closet under every pair of shoes I own. I thunk myself on the forehead in a "V8 moment" for even considering reading it on a stormy night alone and read something light and funny to ensure I sleep, not lay there all night with my heart racing at every little sound.
Okay, I've pontificated at length on my enjoyment of reading. (I had to throw one fancy word in to make my rambling sound good.) But which books interest me? What do I have on my keeper shelf? Well, as I tell my husband, I'm glad he gave me an iPad because my keeper bookcase is about to collapse from the weight of my favorite books.
I love reading romance in many forms but my all-time favorite is historical romance, especially time-travel to Scotland in the past with a muscle-bound Highland laird who keeps his heart locked away until a sassy wench crosses his path and turns his world upside down. From the moment he can't decide if he wants to toss her out of his castle to fend for herself or wed, bed and keep her, I'm hooked. I haven't found an author that does this better than Lynn Kurland. If I told you how many times I've read a couple of hers you probably wouldn't believe me until you saw the duplicate copies with pages falling out. Again, thank goodness for my iPad. Until it has trenches rubbed into the screen from use, I'm good. Two Lynn Kurland favorites are: A Dance Through Time and A Garden in the Rain.
For romance set in contemporary times yet still exuding that timeless Alpha male kicking ass and protecting his love no matter what, I love Christine Feehan's Carpathian novels. There is nothing like her sizzling ultra sexy Carpathian who fights and destroys vampires knowing unless he finds his true soul mate the bleakness of  his existence will eventually force him to end his life by facing the dawn rather than lose his soul and become the very evil he kills. Two definite keepers are: Dark Prince and Dark Fire.
When I want romance but also need a laugh or ten, I read Janet Evanovitch. Her books are laugh-out-loud funny and have, not one but TWO, sexy Alpha males for madcap bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. Gee, what a hardship. I wonder if she'd let me take her place once in a while? All for the sake of research, of course. Two great books are: One For the Money and Two For the Dough.
Okay, now you know my reading favorites. What are yours? Be careful, thinking about it will have you pulling them out and forgetting things that need to be done. But hey, I'll be the first one on the block to have Christmas decorations up next year!

I always like to ask our guests to describe themselves with three words..
Deborah said... 
1) romantic  2) caring 3) funny

Now, here are a few of Deborah's fabulous books!

Highlander's Bride: When Alexander MacGregor is forced to wed Katherine Gordon or lose all he possesses, love was not part of the bargain.  Or so he thought.

The Talisman: Although a stranger, Laird Gavin MacPherson vows to aid Ailis search for her family's killer. But can she trust his kind words and kisses, or does he hide the murderer in his midst?

You're in Good Hands with Al Tate: Susan Pierson needed a man who was good with his hands. And she needed him now.

Deborah is giving away two ebooks and a color poster! Be sure to comment on the blog to enter to win! She will draw winners several times during the month of April!!! Don't forget to leave your email. You can't win, if we can't get a hold of you!

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  1. Deborah is an amazingly talented author. She really knows how to draw your emotions out with her writing. I love all of her books and can't wait for her next one.

  2. Deborah, Our taste in a good read is so alike, I love all the Christine Feehan Series, especially Dark Magic. I recently discovered Stephanie Plum, one lucky heroine, she is hilarious. A Highlander Romance story is always high on my TR List, so I must start reading your books, will be heading for Highlanders Bride first. Wishing you all the best, happy reading and writing.

  3. What a lovely interview really enjoyed it. Ive got too many favourites, ive still got books i read in the 80s that i re read now and again, I started with historical romances and now its immortal men and shifters. Deborah highlanders are good and Al Tate is so funny. Really looking forward to her new cowboy one

  4. Deborah, I love historical romance too! I really like some of the paranormal ones, maybe it's just because you really don't see to many of them. I love your Highlander books and I really need to get You're in Good Hands with Al Tate.

  5. Lovely post. I tweeted.

  6. What a great post Deborah. I have to say no book made me laugh out loud more than You're In Good Hands With Al Tate. That book was hilarious. You are an amazing writer and I really enjoy your books.

  7. What a great peek at the real Deborah! A welcomed surprise to see your favorites are also some of my own keepers. My favorite books are the ones where the hero is given a merry chase by the heroine until he doesn't know which end is up. And he had better be a true romantic! Of course, then we have the ones that I can picture myself in... like your own 'You're In Good Hands With Al Tate'. I always have Al handy for a quick laugh, and even have my favorite pages bookmarked on my kindle for quick access.
    Oh have I recommended Deborah's books here? They are all a "Must Read" whether you're in the mood for a Highlander or a modern man, she has it covered. Anxiously waiting on the next story... I hear it has a cowboy...