Friday, April 12, 2013

Nanee's Satin Sheets Romance Review of My Gift To You by Faye Hall

Title: My Gift to You
Author: Faye Hall
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Genre: erotic historical romance


As a child, Rush Mullens saw her parents murdered before her eyes. She didn’t know the men responsible, but she would find them. She wanted revenge. She didn’t think she would also find a boy she could love more than her own life; a boy who grew into the man who would steal her heart.

She couldn’t let him endanger her plans for revenge, nor could she ignore that she was willing to risk all – her past, her life, her reputation - just to sample an ounce of passion from this man.

Bailey Maston wanted to find a woman – the perfect woman – to give his heart to. He wanted to trust that she could exist. Everything he had seen in his young life, both at home and in society, told him what a foolish dream this was.

When he finally discovers the truth of Rush’s life, and the revenge she is enacting, will he allow the betrayal to keep him from the woman he yearns for…a woman he craves to free his well-guarded heart?

Nanee's Review

Faye Hall has a very unique story to tell. The story starts out in year 1866 in Australia and it begins with Rush's parents being hung by the "witch hunters" in front of 8 year old Rush's eyes. They accused Rush's parents Joseph and Carmen of being witches and for killing several people (also for reasons not shared yet). The "master" of the cult also wanted Rush to be put to death but Justin one of the "witch hunters" saved her life. He owed Rush's parents a great deal and felt by saving and protecting Rush he would take some of the guilt off his soul. Lord Maston (Justin) brings her into his home to raise her along with his son Bailey and hides away the truth of his past. The story starts out great it captures your attention and was hard to put down, but then starts to wander a little with Rush being out in "society" along with Bailey and their growing feelings for each other. Rush's feelings for Bailey are of love and Baileys at first are of lust. Rush knows of Bailey's sleeping around she cant help but want him for herself. As the time passes their relationship has its ups and downs. The story trails a little more in the middle when Rush wants revenge for her parents deaths and stalks each "witch hunter" cult member. I felt it could have been more interesting. As her vengeance plays out on each person responsible, the story picks up again when shes running for her life and more lives are lost. Over all I felt the story was interesting but felt it was lacking in a few areas.  I enjoyed the relationship between Rush and Bailey ( very passionate at times). I liked Justin's character. He always regretted his past but did his best to protect Rush and put his life on the line to protect his family. The end of the story ties in all the mystery from the story but felt more should have been shared throughout the story.


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