Friday, April 19, 2013

Kande's Satin Sheets Romance Review for Meeting My Master by: Steffie Dawn

Title: Meeting My Master

Author: Steffie Dawn

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Genre: BDSM

Length: 16k words

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Being a twenty two year old student from the United Kingdom Ella doesn’t know what to expect when she boards the jet to Bucharest. Her online relationship has been keeping her occupied for over a year but she doesn’t know how that will fair when transferred to real life. All she knows for certain is in the year they’ve been playing on the internet and web camera, she has fallen head over heels in love with the only man to ever control her in the way she desires and needs. But will love be enough for this duo when their online relationship is played out in real life?

Kande's Review....

This book was very interesting to say the least. The plot line was wonderful and very original. I'd read loads of books before about online romances but never quite this good. Although, I don't think the BDSM aspect of it is very major, in fact it could be more of an erotic romance then a BDSM erotica.  I loved how they had an online relationship then met for the very first time, especially the way they did. The love between the characters was so real.. Totally blew my mind. I loved how the author was able to show the personality of both characters so very well for such a short book.  This book had so much more emotional  romance then I thought it would and I really loved it. I highly recommend it and give it four beautiful satin pillows! 

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