Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nanee's Satin Sheets Romance review of Red Hot Part one and two by Taylor Ray

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Two failed marriages under her belt can only mean one thing for Leanne Cooper. She is unlucky in love. 
Burning in hell would be more fun for Cameron Mitchell than being bodyguard to a spoiled little rich girl.

 A shot of Tequila, a daring proposition and a chance not worth the risk present a rather explosive opportunity. 

Startling discoveries mixed with a blend of raw salacious need catapult them into a night of Red Hot passion.

When a buried past threatens to consume their animal attraction, Leanne finds herself at the mercy of a psychopath and out of reach of the one man who promised to protect her

Nanee's Review

Red Hot book one and two are both very sexy shorts. Although I thought they should have been one story not two they did not disappoint. The main premise of the story is a good one but what really captures your attention is the hot as hell sex scenes. After Cameron and Leanne meet at her hotel not knowing who each other are they have a night of passion that neither can forget or regret when the meet the next day. Leanne's dad introduces the two and has hired Cameron as a security expert and to protect Leanne from her Ex. As they spend more and more time together they cant help the animal attraction they have for each other and want to continue with the sexual relationship. When Leanne shares a fantasy of hers of having two men in bed with her, Cameron gives her exactly what she wants and more. Cameron invites a friend in bed with them, one that has shared women with him before and he trusts thoroughly. The sex is so explosive with both men Leanne cant help but want more. As the threats escalate and lives are at stake Leanne knows she cannot let Cameron go, she wants him for herself. After the threat is gone they both have to make hard decisions in order to stay together. 

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