Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nanee's Review of The Very Thought of You by Carolann Camillo

The very thought of you Carolann Camillo 

Description :

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to offer an honest opinion. So when Molly Hewitt does, she lands in all kinds of trouble with up-and-coming San Francisco builder, Nick Mancini. He's offered the tenants in his small, newly acquired apartment house - the one sitting smack in the middle of his latest condo project - twenty-five grand to vacate the premises. But thanks to Molly, who runs a not-for-profit medical clinic down the street, they're holding out for a hundred. When Nick discovers Molly is behind the inflated figure, he sets out to do whatever it takes to charm her onto his team. Either he convinces her that his tenants need to downsize their demand or his next project will be digging himself out of bankruptcy. Since she has the face of an angel and a bod most men only dream about, as campaigns go, this one shouldn't be too painful. Molly, no pushover, is up for the challenge. Or is she? A session with Ouija confirms she's not immune to Nick's charms. Not only is he single and available, he has enough sex appeal to melt titanium. Add that to a kiss that puts more than an extra z in sizzle, and Molly starts thinking about the L word. But unless he ups his buyout offer to his tenants and keeps his wrecking ball away from her end of the street - where rumor has him next aiming it - he's strictly catch and release. Sensuality Level: Sensual

Nanee's Review

This story was very sweet when I read it I had a awe moment .  Molly and Nick the main characters both have their own agendas in their professional lives but the more time they spend with each other those plans are made for two. Molly a do - gooder can't help but fight against  Nick the builder that is buying up buildings across the street from her free clinic and making them into retail spaces and condos, she wants what's best for the tenants that live in the building Nick is renovating and not have them put out in the street.  Nick is a nice guy (very sexy) and never would dump these tenants on the street but doesn't want to loose his shirt either. I enjoyed the banter between Nick and Molly and I also enjoyed the writing of their time together, very romantic and sexy. The writer captured the feelings Molly had for Nick and you felt for her wanting to reach out to him, you also felt how alone Nick was after being separated from Molly. I enjoyed the tenants banter with Nick as well and thought the supporting characters like Nick's family and Molly's aunt and cousin were great.  I think this story is a 3.5 stars. Sweet read

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