Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review of A Special Kind of Woman by Jamallah Bergman

Tuesday, April 30, 2013-Satin Sheets Romance Review of A Special Kind of Woman by Jamallah Bergman

 Title: A Special Kind of Woman

Author: Jamallah Bergman

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length: 146 pages

Collin Noonan has the world in his hands, being the youngest top executive at his firm, the envy of all men as well as the lover of many women. Collin along with some of the other executives takes part in a game, a game in which they must date a woman who is basically ‘shy, homely and undesirable’. Collin has won this game every year and this year will be no exception that is until he meets Regina Talbot Regina Talbot is your average ‘Plain Jane’, she’s never been part of the ‘in crowd’ always keeping to herself and is extremely painfully shy towards men. She never would think that any man would be interested in her, especially that of handsome Collin Noonan. Watch as Collin and Regina began on a road of self-discovery of themselves as well as the obstacles that will eventually causes problems for their future.

Angela’s Review:

This was my first opportunity to read Ms. Bergman’s work, and it was a delightfully, hot read!
I was emotionally in tune with Regina from the very first page. Loved that she was a BBW (Big, Beautiful, Women) and loved how the author used the heroine’s vulnerability in a way that enabled the hero to draw her out of her shell. I found very romantic.
As soon as Collin Noonan came into the picture I wanted to kick in the jewels. I could feel my ire rise on Regina’s behalf. I wanted to slap the man silly J  However, I was very pleased to see the hero’s attitude change quickly, and I love how Ms. Bergman not only used his guilt, but his family too.   His brothers were an amazing group of men!
The author’s wit and sensitivity of heroine’s insecurities, made this book a very entertaining read.  You can easily read this in one evening, which I did.  It was a contemporary romance that could appeal to many palates, as there was little bit of sweet and a whole lot of spicy.  You will thoroughly enjoy A Special Kind of Woman by Jamallah Bergman.
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