Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nadene's Satin Sheets Review of Trapped Under Ice by M. J. Schiller

Rock star Chad Evans's tortured past hides just beneath the surface. Even fans screaming out his name in ecstasy can't drown out the screams of his childhood. He can usually keep it under control, but not always. Tonight the alcohol doesn't seem to soothe.
Part of the crowd, Beth Donovan smiles, really enjoying herself for a change. But her smile isn't usually this bright. It is the kind of smile that masks sorrow. Three years just isn't long enough to get over losing Paul.
When a vicious attack behind stage brings this unlikely pair together, something changes inside of them both. But can a jet-setting superstar and a Midwestern lunch lady ever manage a real relationship?
And even if they can, will the person sending Chad death threats take it all away? Or is it their fate to remain forever trapped under ice?

First of all I must say I absolutely enjoyed reading Trapped Under Ice. When I first read the blurb I was intrigued and could not wait for the chance to read this book and it was worth every waking moment.  This story took me on a trip that I am still yet to recover from.  Trapped Under Ice is a contemporary, suspenseful romantic read and it’s the first book in the Rocking Romance Series. 
This story was told form the main character’s point of view which gave me a better insight into these characters as a result I was able to maintain a connection with them throughout the entire story.   
The author introduces us to Beth Donovan, a widow who ia a lunch lady/romance writer. She had lost her husband and was left with the task of raising her teenage daughter on her own.  Beth has always been a fan of the band Trapped Under Ice and she gained the chance of going to one of their concerts.  Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would have had the opportunity to meet, Chad Evans, the lead singer of the group. Even though the meeting did not take place under favourable circumstances it was obvious that there was connection between these two.  They eventually got involved with each other; however their relationship was not without its many obstacles. Beth had not completely gotten over losing her husband and Chad had issues from his past to overcome. In spite of this they both managed to push past these issues which led to their relationship growing even stronger. Beth was not willing to give on Chad and she proved to him that she truly loved him faults and all. In the midst of them growing closer there was a crazed fan that was bent on destroying what they both fought so hard for.

I loved how the issue of the crazed fan was dealt with. It had me trying to figure who this person was. It was a big surprise when it was finally revealed. There was some action near to the end which was quite fitting.

This was a very emotional story. It made me laugh and it tugged at my heart strings. I had a hard time fighting the tears. This is a story of love, healing and forgiveness. It depicts what it truly means to love someone and how pain and hurt from our past can be a stumbling block to our future if it’s not dealt with.   The story grabbed my attention from the very first page and held it to the very end.  After reading this book I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. 
Thumbs up for M. J Schiller.

This title was awarded 5 Satin Pillows

Heat Rating  (Steamy) 3 candles

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