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 Sunday-March 31, 2013 Satin Sheets Romance Review of Two Lairds One Lady by John C. Ryan
Title:  Two Lairds One Lady

Author:  John C. Ryan

Genre:  Historical Romance

Length:  467 pages
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       The exquisitely beautiful, fiery Elspeth Mourney has been pledged in marriage to the arrogant, impossibly handsome Highland Knight, Sir Thayer Mac Court by her father, the Laird of Lothian. By proposing the marriage of his beloved only daughter to Thayer, the eldest son of his most bitter rival, the Earl has secured a tentative truce. But Elspeth vehemently opposes the match, having unceremoniously chanced upon Thayer six years earlier. That fateful first encounter culminated in a stolen kiss-and disaster!
     Yet, as their destinies collide, they chance upon a common bond, a fiercely guarded secret shared by both of their clans. Will this mystery that binds the fates of their families to the very survival of Scotland save their love and ensure the future of their people-or doom them all?
Angela’s Review

      Two Lairds One Lady is set in late 13th Century Scotland and was a true historical filled with nobles, knights and battles between good and evil.
      The storyline was compelling and the author did a great job with dialect and terms used in that era, and will appeal to those who like the usage in abundance.  As a reader, I was able to follow it and it didn’t hinder the enjoyment of the story.  Mr. Ryan’s knowledge of the period is very evident and accurate throughout this read.
       Elspeth was definitely a wonderful heroine. It was entertaining to watch her negotiate with her father, which would be very unusual in that time period, where women rarely had the right to voice an opinion. I also loved that she was not intimidated to use those headstrong attributes and cleverness on Thayer, though he was a knight and warrior to be reckoned with.
       It was obvious that Thayer desired Elspeth from their very first encounter, but I was grateful that the author did not drag out the deception, in switching places with his twin brother for the betrothal. It allowed for the hero and heroine to face conflict together, as a team and discover one another on a whole other level of intimacy.
      Overall, I enjoyed the read and those who love a true time period, historical romance will want to give Two Laird One Lady a chance. It is a long book, but there is much action and conflict that  will keep a reader entertained until the very last page.  As a lover of Scottish historical romance I am very glad that I had the opportunity to read Mr. Ryan’s work. 
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