Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nanee's Satin Sheets Romance Review - Sarah's Fate by Marissa Dobson

Sarah's Fate

Sarah's Fate by Marissa Dobson
Amazon book description - 

Sarah McMillan’s life came crashing down when her parents died. Moving across country, she’s determined to pull the pieces together and get on with her life. But when a man steps into her path, all her plans may have been for not.
Josh Andrews spent years searching for his mate, only to find her when he least expects it. Fate brings him Sarah, someone who needs him more than he’d thought he’d needed her. But convincing her to be his mate and start a new life might be harder than the journey to find her. 
Can Josh convince Sarah to let him in? Or will the fact he is a mountain lion destroy what they could have?

Nanee's Review - 
Sarah is definitely not looking for a boyfriend after finding out her boyfriend after 7 years was a self centered jerk. but how can she resist Josh when  he's so damn sexy, his tanned body, his sexy green eyes. Sarah moved to the countryside to be closer to her best friend Aspyn but once she met her best friends brother in law sparks fly.  Josh and Sarah both feel a pull towards each other , josh knows it because she's his mate but Sarah not knowing what he really is just feels connected to him. 

I enjoyed this read.  although it had a lot of the typical shifter story plot about mates and finding your mate and mating with your mate. It still had its own charm and originality. I enjoyed the connection between sexy as hell josh and Sarah  and the road the writer brought you on to reveal Josh's secret and the love they have for each other. By the way the book ended it seems like their might be a book two. I would recommend this read. 

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