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Satin Sheets Romance Author of the Month - Holly Roberts

Satin Sheets Romance Presents our 
March 2013 Author of the Month

Holly Roberts

My Passion for Books

I inherited my book addiction from my mother. She owned hundreds of Readers Digest Condensed Books and I broke my teeth absorbing the abridged versions of the great classics. I lived for the arrival of her monthly subscription and read way past bedtime.

Life changed, I married, and motherhood slowed my reading down dramatically. On my twenty-fifth birthday, my husband decided to put a little spice in our marriage and surprised me with individually giftwrapped romance books. He seductively wrapped the racy covers in shiny red paper and accented the packages with black bows. I admit to being a complete romance snob and pretending to be happy about the shocking smut.

I realize now that his amazing picks, based on the steamiest covers he could find, started my love of HEA romance novels. I will never forget my horror on seeing the original artwork of The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux, The Kadin by Bertrice Small, and Bold Conquest by Virginia Henley. I should have won an academy award for my gracious acceptance of my presents.

I planned to skim read the books, pretend I loved them, and keep him happy. The poor man didn’t see me for a solid week. Scanning wasn’t an option after the first chapter of The Black Lyon. I read the next two books and then read all three again. The stories pulled me in and changed my reading habits forever.

The hunky males seductively gracing the covers didn’t intimidate my husband. He lay in bed reading his technical manuals and asked me to let him know when I got to the sexy parts. Our marriage was never the same.

I read Harlequin, Silhouette, and every historical love story I could get my hands on. I will never forget my tears and laughter reading Whitney my Love by Judith McNaught for the first time. Janet Daily kept me up late into the night and I hounded the bookstores for the latest Catherine Coulter.

Today my tastes glide from sweet dreamy stories, sexy werewolves, and seductive erotic books. I own a Nook and Kindle. I stock my eReaders like I stock my bookshelves. Ilona Andrews doesn’t write fast enough, I gobble up Cherise Sinclair hours after a new release, and I advance order the latest Julia Quinn without blinking an eye.

Writing has been an incredible journey for me. I want people to feel the emotions of my characters. I like imperfect men and women that grab life by the horns and challenge love. I write erotica BDSM and push the envelope of sexual fantasy. I live HEA and I’m proud of my husband and his ability to keep our marriage romantic, spicy, and loving. He doesn’t order me flowers; he sneaks next door at 5 a.m. and cuts a bouquet from the neighbor’s prize roses. When I say I’m fat he buys me a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and tells me he loves my sexy love handles. He is my hero.

I remain the ultimate romance snob; if it’s not romance, it’s not worth reading.

Please describe yourself with three different words. 

Here are some of Holly's most recent releases!

One Dom at a Time – This is where the Club El Diablo series begins. Damian, the sexy Dom and club’s owner meets his match with Lydia, a redhead Domme with her own agenda.

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Two Doms for Angel – Two dominant men and one broken woman find love and peace in a relationship built for three.

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Bad Boy Dom – He’s the hot rock-n-roll lead singer for Blood Rights, a recovering drug addict, and the least likely to attract the most beautiful submissive in the club. They’re perfect for each other, but can they get past the demons that haunt them?

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  1. Oh are so good! Wow! Love how you got started on Romance. That is one good (and smart!) hubby. I am so glad that you write because I love to read it. Your style is unique and fantastic. We are so lucky to have you as our Author of the Month!