Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kande's Satin Sheets Romance Review for Slow Jam by Deliza Rafferty

Title:  Slow Jam 

Author:  Deliza Rafferty

Genre: Erotic

Book: HERE

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Length:  29 pages, 14,136 words

Summary:  Singer/songwriter Savannah Rossi has the biggest gig of her career approaching, but her regular bass player is about to have major surgery. A sizzling hot Southern gentleman temporarily fills in on the gig and drives her to steamy distraction. But when complications with her friend's surgery arise, her lust, loyalty and ambition begin to clash. 

Kande's Review:

The storyline is original and interesting. I loved how she made the dialogue with the characters really real as if the characters were talking instead of just the boring conversation some books have where it seems fake.  I really find myself falling in love with Savannah. Her best friend gets put in the hospital and then a sexy replacement comes in? It takes everything inside her not to jump his bones right there. The choices she makes to do the things she has to do is really strong and confident. A good quality in a female character.  The sexual content was hot and extremely well done until someone interrupts them... of course ;) Eventually Savannah and Logan do end up doing it and it's so hot that it had me shivering. It's a short little read but it's really good. I loved it and I'm going to get the next one right now! 
 I give it 4 Satin Pillows!

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