Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Susan's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Cameron Part Two (The Pit) by Edward Tailor

Cameron Part Two (The Pit) by Edward Tailor
Approx. 48 pages
Horny Devil Publishing
Amazon Price $2.99 & Buy Link


Bio:     A random chance, followed by a bad choice lead Natalie Darrow into the arms of the formidable part-owner of The Pit, Cameron Flint. A passion ignites as their journey continues. When they delve into the black market, a web of deceit and lies unfold with devastating consequences.

Susan B. Anna’s Review

There are only a few authors who have successfully made me anticipate a sequel, and thankfully Edward Tailor is one of them.  When he last left us in Cameron, Part One I was left with that feeling of needing more and was truly glad when the author said the sequel will be out soon.  

I absolutely enjoyed the thrill and suspense that Part two had to offer and how the author masterfully linked both books to weave an amazing tale.  Cameron Part Two was hot, sexy and totally sweet.  I fell in love with both major characters immediately and will certainly keep Edward Tailor in my always to read list. 

Cameron Part Two is certainly awarded a rating of…

with a heat index level of 3 hot candles for…

Susan B. Anna

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