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Satin Sheets Romance Features Guest Author, Anne Marsh

DIRTY COWBOYS - Guest Author, Anne Marsh

When you live in California, you actually get to see cowboys. Lots of cowboys, depending on where you live or drive. Sure, they’re not riding up and down the streets of San Francisco (the only cowboys there are of the programmer ilk), but we’ve got honest-to-goodness Western wear stores in the town where I live, fields of horses and cows, and vaqueros at church on Sunday. So it’s probably not surprising that lately I’ve been reading lots of cowboy romance? New favorite genre? You betcha.

·      I’m not a city girl. I love the fields, the cows, the wide, open ranges. Sure, toss a mountain or two in there (and I’ll take a good blizzard any day because that requires cozying up close to the fire), because all that “man versus nature” conflict? I love it. Harlequin has some fun twists where they take the cowboy out of the ranch and force the poor man into the city, but I’m still happiest with the barn, the range, and the horses.

·      Ranching is a very, very gritty reality. These men fight for their ranch every single day. There are no days off and there are no lazy cowboys. When I imagine the kind of man I’d want by my side, these guys top the list.

·      These men are intensely physical and very, very good with their hands. I think that speaks for itself. I love a really, really hot bedroom scene and I’ll take hot, kinky, and/or intensely emotional.

·      Cowboy code says cowboys never take advantage, keep their word, tell the truth always, lends a hand to anyone in trouble, works his ass off, and respects women and his parents. That’s hero material right there.

·      Dirty. That raw, gritty, take no prisoners, let’s-be-completely-honest persona? He gets really, really down and dirty in bed. Listen to country music on iTunes and you’ll figure this out real quick, too. Cowboys in bed have no limits.

So which cowboys are on my keeper shelf? I’ve only been reading cowboys for two years now, but I’ve got a few firmly shelved on my keeper shelf.

Sarah McCarty. Historical cowboys—with a side of werewolves. My other favorite hero is the werewolf alpha... so McCarty’s new Shadow Wranglers series is an auto-buy for me. For straight up, naughty cowboys, however, nothing beats her Hell’s Eight and TRACKER’S SIN.

Kate Pearce. Kate Pearce is one of those deliciously naughty writers whose imagination just leaves me going “Oooh!,” “More!,” and “Where on earth did that cowboy learn how to do that?!” Let’s just say that the hero of ROPING THE WIND does some very, very inventive things with his leather belt.

Lorelei James and her Blacktop Cowboys. These are cowboys to die for. Maya Banks said so on the back of SADDLED AND SPURRED and she’s so, so right. James’ cowboys are handsome (of course), forthright, raw and gritty. They’re honest to a fault—and they’re up for absolutely anything in bed. If Kate Pearce does some wicked things with belts, Lorelei James has a few saddles that are smoking hot.

How about you? Do you have any dirty cowboys on your keeper shelf?

Ooooh! Such good choices! I personally love Lorelei James :-)
Now for the question I try to ask all my guests.

Describe yourself with three different words.

 (1) Librarian, (2) Armchair traveler, (3) Cat lover.

Now, that we've heard what you like to read, let's share a little about your books!


Evan Donovan is a big muscled giant of a man, whose size and strength make him uniquely qualified to be a smoke jumper. No matter how great or how treacherous the challenge, he gets the job done. But when he agrees to look in on a friend’s ex-wife after a suspicious brushfire, Evan learns that some jobs are too hot to handle. Especially when it involves a scorchingly sexy woman…

Faye Duncan is a photographer on a mission, shooting fires for a magazine. But her first encounter with a wildfire isn’t nearly as wild as her first night with Evan Donovan. The moment she meets the bigger-than-life hero, the sparks begin to fly. But things really catch fire when Evan learns she may have taken a photo of the arsonist setting the fires. Evan is determined to keep Faye safe. But if he expects her to trust him with her life, he’ll have to open up his heart—even if someone gets burned…

Here's a little peek at SLOW BURN...
Quick and hard, Evan’s finger tipped her head up and back. Her head hit his shoulder, and his mouth came down on hers, the contact awkward and raw and delicious. Right at that moment there was only the two of them, kneeling together in this unfamiliar meadow, while the plane pulled away overhead and the other jumpers hung in the sky. His mouth tasted every bit as wild as the ride down. Rough and male, the sweet, hard pressure of that mouth opened her up.
            God, he tasted so good. She didn’t want to close her eyes—she wanted to see his face, fierce and intense, as he kissed her and the sky filled up with jumpers landing around them. The erotic heat of his kiss was burning her up, his mouth moving, taking hers. She loved the sensation of being connected to him there, too, and not only by the harness that held her to his chest.
            So good.
            She kissed him back, her tongue tangling with his. Their tandem harness made the position awkward, and on this field, she was vulnerable. Exposed for the whole world to see, and yet she wanted the moment to go on and on. He must have felt the same way, because he tugged off his gloves and tangled his fingers in her hair, angling her head back farther. Yes.
            “You like that?” he asked when he finally stopped, and she had no idea whether he meant his kiss or the jump. She wanted both. 

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Anne has generously offered a signed print copy of the first book in her Smoke Jumper series, BURNING UP. Be sure and leave a comment for her and tell her what cowboy books you like to read. Be sure and leave your email, or we won't be able to contact you. GOOD LUCK!
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