Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kande's Satin Sheets Romance Review for Dr. Feel Good by Zena Leigh

Title:  Dr. Feel Good

Author:  Zena Leigh

Book Here

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Length:  108 pages 

Summary:  Running from her past, Paige Richards' car skids off the road, and she finds herself rescued by the handsome and coolly clinical sexologist Dr. Gary West. Before long, she has become the subject his sexual case study as he seeks to explore the untapped potential of female sexuality. Soon, though, Paige finds herself falling for Dr. West – but will she ever be able to break through his clinical detachment and achieve the fulfillment she desires the most; the doctor himself?


 Kande’s Review:

I received a copy of this book to provide an honest review. I was excited to read the story after seeing the blurb but once I started reading I found it very hard to follow. There wasn't a lot of details on the characters so it was a bit hard to get "more involved" with the story. I like to feel like I've known the characters before or feel like I can know about them by the descriptions and their personalities but that didn't quite happen in this story. Not as much as I would have liked.

Paige finds herself being cheated on by her husband and in her rage driving gets into a car crash. She is found by a sex doctor who charms her into becoming his test subject as they try various things to fulfill her sexual needs...but when the good doctor cheats on her with the same man her ex did... what will happen? The way she handles it was perfect. The way the doctor handled it surprised me! It's a huge twist in the story line. Right when I seemed to become addicted to the story, it just ended suddenly... I would love to see more of Paige and the good doctor. 
This is an erotic story and by gosh the love scenes were hot! They had me shivering a few times and certainly blushing like a school girl.  The story line was original and interesting. Overall this was a good short read. The story has great potential and I'll certainly be reading some more of her stories. 

I give this story:

Heat Rating:

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  1. Have you actually read this book? The main character isn't cheated on by her husband - she's cheated on just before she's due to marry. And the doctor doesn't cheat on her - far less with another man (nor the person her ex was with)! No wonder you say you found the story hard to follow because that isn't the storyline at all!