Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catrina's Satin Sheets Review Of Eternally Bound

Title: Eternally Bound {Book Four of the Broken Series}
Author: M.L. Stephens
Publisher: M. L. Stephens.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance.
Length: 242 pages
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Eternally Bound.

With Hunter by her side, Claire struggles to gain full control of her magic as Lucian and his gang of necromancers becomes hell bent on destroying everyone she loves.
Desperate to fulfill her destiny and uphold the ancient prophecy she struggles to piece together her broken past in order to protect a threatened future. Can she accept her new abilities and shattered emotions before the gate between her world and the afterlife is forever lost, or will Claire succumb to the dark forces to which she is Eternally Bound?

Catrina's Review:

Very interesting that M.L. Stephens chose to open this book by showing us Lucian's last day of life as a sort of Prologue. It answers a lot of questions and further develops his character.

As she's known to do, M.L. Stephens has many unexpected twists in store for readers with this addition to her Broken series. A big one is hinted at in the first chapter.

The character are always full of life. And Claire and Hunter's witty banter continues.

Interesting mythologies were woven into this story to further enhance the plot. I always enjoy when an author crafts the mythologies of their stories with references to current myths.

I'm happy that Claire got to see her friends again and learned that Mason is happy. That was a sweet touch.

The final battle holds many surprises as well. Wow! I didn't see a lot of things coming and I'm good at reading between the lines. Cute author's note at the end too.

To sum it up: Well done M.L. Stephens.

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