Monday, April 15, 2013

Catrina's Satin Sheets Review of Sacred Heart

Title: Sacred Heart {Book Three of the Broken Heart Series}
Author: M.L. Stephens
Publisher: M. L. Stephens.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance.
Length: 255 pages
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Sacred Heart.
Claire's nemesis is back, and this time he's accompanied by a coven of necromancers who want nothing more than to control the gateway between the living world and the afterlife in order to keep spirits imprisoned in limbo for all of eternity.

Claire's visions lead her back to New Orleans in search of a male witch, while Chad stays behind and attends to renovations on the manor. She believes that the nameless man in her vision is the only person alive that can help her fight Lucian and his band of thugs, but is she about to get more than she bargained for?

Hunter has dreamt of Claire since he was a young boy and he's diligently strengthened his witchcraft in order to stand strong by her side when she comes for him. His entire life has been molded around the visions he's had of her and he's prepared to stop at nothing to claim the woman that has haunted his dreams since childhood.

With Hunter's help and incessant training, Claire discovers new abilities, but she also learns that a heart can't be divided. While she attempts to figure out a way to defeat Lucian once and for all, she struggles to face new truths. Are her feelings for Chad as strong as she believed, or will Hunter be the one to claim her Sacred Heart?

Catrina's Review:

At first I wasn't sure what to think about Claire switching interest from Chad to Hunter. I didn't like that Claire was wavering. When I read a romance, I expect the couple to stay together, especially in the same series.

After reading through Sacred Heart I understand that Chad, while good to her, wasn't the right person for her life long partner. Hunter completes Claire in ways no one else ever has, or can. Put simply he's her other half.

I enjoyed Claire and Hunter's verbal banter and the way his joking around kept her from worrying too much, yet he turned serious when needed. I can't help but respect a man who spent his entire life believing in his visions and trusting that they were destined to be together. Talk about loyalty.

Hunter and Claire make an incredible team. Each with their unique powers. Whether it's fighting against their enemies, or to improve their lives, they will always do whatever it takes and they will face everything together.

As with the previous books in the Broken series this one is full of unexpected twists, witty characters, and edge of your seat thrills. The ending was quite unexpected and felt as if the story was only half finished.

The inclusion of Chad's mini-story "Bound By Honor" also took me by surprise. I'm glad I got to read it because it explains a lot of what happened on his end.
I look forward to reading the fourth book "Eternally Bound" very soon.

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