Monday, July 22, 2013

Review of heart Trouble by Tommie Conrad

Heart Trouble

Heart Trouble by Tommie Conrad 

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Tommie Conrad        

Book Description:
Brandt Conner is living the good life. Sure, work on his family’s ranch is hard and keeps him busy from sunup to sundown, but at least he’s got his best friend to help. There are only two sore spots in his life: lack of a loving, romantic relationship and a brittle connection with his father.

Marissa Sloan has no relationship with her father; she doesn’t even remember the man. But her dreams and plans haven’t worked out, and she finds herself working at a feed store to make ends meet. When Marissa meets Brandt, sparks fly and they are forced to grow up in a hurry.

Brandt isn’t rich but he wants for nothing in the material sense, and Marissa must ignore the negative view some have of Brandt’s ways, his romantic past and his free-wheeling reputation. In Marissa, Brandt finds his other half—but if Marissa pursues her dreams of higher education, she’ll have to leave after just one summer together.

Will Brandt let her go? Or can he become the man he was meant to be?

Nanee's Review:

This story was sweet , romantic , loving and did I say sweet!!!  

I really enjoyed this heartwarming story. Brandt my favorite character and his best friend Rawlings. they are two bachelors who aren't in any hurry to run or walk down the isle. They both live on Brandt's families ranch and Rawlings is considered part of the family by Brandt's parents Laura  and Mitch. Laura is your typical sweet, caring Ranch wife and Mitch is a tough and rough cowboy but what they both share is the love of their son. 

Just when  Brandt's life seems to be missing something in comes Marissa who just moved in their area after looking for a job. When they meet sparks fly and neither knew what hit them. I loved the getting to know faze in their relationship, I loved their flirting and eventual love for each other. The Author portrayed their relationship perfectly. After Rawlings sees the smile on Brandt's face he wants in on the action and find someone special too. I thought this story was well written and very sweet. I always love to read a happily ever after.

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