Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anne’s Satin Sheets Romance Review of Forget Me Never (Hell Yeah! Cajun Style: Book 2) by Sable Hunter

Title:  Forget Me Never (Hell Yeah! Cajun Style: Book 2) 
Authors:  Sable Hunter, Ryan O’Leary (Contributor), Jess Hunter (Contributor)
Author’s Website:
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Length:  256 pages
The Hell Yeah! Series Continues with Forget Me Never (Hell Yeah! Cajun Style: Book 2) 
 Some truly lucky people experience a love so great that nothing can separate them. Distance, misunderstandings or even death are not powerful enough to stop the longing and the hunger and the desire to be together. Patrick loves Savannah. He is a Marine who faces danger on a daily basis and his greatest fear is to be forgotten. Savannah loves Patrick. Because of the circumstances of her birth, she has grown up never knowing what it is like to be touched or hugged or accepted by anyone. The haunting mists of Louisiana, the ravaging horrors of war, and the remnants of an ancient disease will try to pull them apart, until their destiny draws them together and they discover a love so perfect that it will last forever.

Anne’s Review:

Well done Miss Hunter you were able to accomplish what few have, with this story you made me cry.  So please heed my advice and have your tissues handy with this one.  It pulls you in from page one and does not let you go.   

Set among the rich history of the Louisiana bayous with a supernatural flair tells us an amazing love story. Savannah has always longed to be touched by love but due to her past and misunderstood prejudices she has resigned herself to being alone.  Enter Patrick, a handsome, sexy, honorable Marine who knows Savannah is his destiny.  Will love truly be able to conquer all?  Or will the past tear them apart forever?

Amazing!  This book had it all from well-developed, relatable characters, heart breaking moments to scorching sheets. I highly recommend this book you will not be disappointed with the superb job done by Miss Sable Hunter along with Mr. Jess Hunter and Mr. Ryan O’Leary.  I look forward to reading their work in the future.




  1. Nice review. What is the time period of this book? It almost looks like it could be set in the past.

  2. It is set in the present not the past, however it does reference historical events. Thank you so much.