Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kande's Review of Midnight Sun, Inc. by Debbie Vaughn

Title: Midnight Sun, Inc

Author: Debbie Vaughn

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Genre: Fantasy Paranormal Romance

Book Location: GoodReads I Amazon

Book Length:  284 pages
Summary:  Real vampires don’t rust, bust, collect dust . . . or sparkle in the sunshine, but that shouldn’t keep them from sporting a healthy glow! 

Midnight Sun Tanning Salon owner Tom Thornton is everything a girl could want in a vampire - tall, dark, handsome, with a body built for sin, plus cowboy boots and a Texas drawl. Toss in paid vacations and a benefits package and he is the perfect employer. His short, adorable and flamboyantly gay sidekick, Raf, looks like Tony Curtis - channeling Richard Simmons.

Connie Bennett is drawn to both - for very different reasons.

Everything she thought she knew about vampires, herself and life in general is about to go pear-shaped . . .but then, no relationship is perfect!

My Review:

Wow! I really don't know where to begin. Everything about this story was just awesome. Don't let the cover fool you! This story is addicting! I seriously had to lock my kindle in the other room to stop reading while I did my chores... and the entire time ii was cleaning I was thinking about the story! Then, as soon as I finished I raced back to my kindle to finish! I couldn't help it!

 This story is seriously packin some heat with sexy vamp cowboys! Yes, I'll repeat that slower. Vampire Cowboys... that are steaming-ly sexy... :D

First off, before I really begin, let me just say that I totally want a Raf of my own... and don't want to share him with anyone! He's the perfect best friend/boyfriend, well except he likes other guys... which makes us perfect! We can stare at guys together! *coughs* 


This is the first book I've ever read by the other and I was blown away by the original and intense plot line. I have already added the rest of her books to my TBR list on goodreads. 

 This book is jam packed with sensual sex, addictive vampire, witches, cats and an adorable doxen you will fall in love with.  This book had me literally turning the pages faster and faster as I read. Wanting... no Needing to know what happens next! 

This book is so well done with the amount of details that I could see it being the next blockbuster film! The characters are so well done that I could be friends with all of them! I could totally relate to Connie, the author kept it real and didn't sugar coat anything! I don't have even one problem with this highly addictive book! 

The author didn't leave anything out of this spectacular book that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! Fan of vampires or not! Everyone should own this book! What are you waiting for? The links are above! Go!

I give this book a wonderful five satin pillows!

and with a heat rating of super steamy!

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