Saturday, July 13, 2013

Krystal's Satin Sheets Romance Review of LOST WITHOUT YOU by Heather Thurmeier

Title: Lost Without You
Author: Heather Thurmeier
Website: Author
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Crimson
Length: 209pages

Zoe Oliver never wanted to be on another reality TV show . . . until Chip Cormack made an offer too good to refuse. He’s guaranteed her a payday this time and a chance to redeem herself in America’s eyes. But Zoe worries she won’t be able to focus as her desire for Chip grows and her strength to resist him weakens. When she learns she’ll be roughing it in the woods with Chip and without luxuries like indoor plumbing and electricity, she’s instantly on edge, feeling naked and terrified that her scars will be exposed and her secrets revealed. When Zoe’s past turns up on the show, she fears she’ll lose not only the life she’s sacrificed everything else to have, but also the affections of the only man she’s ever trusted with her heart.

Krystal's Review...

The final book, LOST WITHOUT YOU, in Ms. Thurmeier's reality TV show series was great! I loved how the author took Zoe, the woman we all kinda despised from the first two books, and turned her into a heroine we could really relate to. Everything Zoe struggled with and hid from causes her anger and unlikable behavior. Very well rounded character development.

Chip was really fun to get to know as well. We find out that he had been attracted to Zoe from the very first book and just couldn’t figure out how to approach her. He finally gets up the courage and she opens just the tiniest bit, but it doesn’t take much to send her running away from him again, and again. I really admire his persistence and determination to show Zoe she was worth the trouble.

In the end it was Zoe who really had to decide that what she had been running from for years, was what was keeping her from having a life.

I liked that they both had to struggle to get things right and I love stories that have misunderstandings in them, LOL. This one was chalk full of them and it will make you giggle. It will make you cry and parts will make you frustrated. All signs of a well-crafted story.

Ms. Thurmeier knows how to mix just enough heart with her humor to hook the reader. Great job!

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