Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nanee's Review of Maximus by Christine Elaine Black

title: Maximus
Author: Christine Elaine Black
Genre: Romance
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Book Description:

Carissa Valeria distrusts the handsome soldier who rescues her reckless son from plunging to an early death. Recalling the man's heartless treatment of her from years ago, she itches to even the score, but her son hails the rescuer as a hero. When he becomes her neighbor, her son's friendship with the soldier threatens to uncover old secrets and place her family and her heart in danger.

Exiled to the countryside by the Roman emperor, Maximus Octavius is confounded by the brittle countenance of the woman he's willing to befriend. She's afraid, and he's determined to find out why. But helping Carissa and her son means confronting the guilt of his long-forgotten past and stirring the silenced passion in his heart.

Can Maximus win Carissa before fear and revenge tear them apart forever?

 Nanee's Review

This book is very sweet, loving and romantic. 

Maximus a sexy rugged man who is being punished by the king for not following instructions and defying him at every turn. He's waiting patiently to be forgiven and able to return home. Carissa is in  hiding from her past she does not want to revisit, she's a single mother taking care of her son and senile father when she happens upon Maximus.  Although they both want to keep their distance they can't stay away from each other. Carissa feels like a women when Maximus is around and she likes the feeling. Maximus is hiding many secrets from Carissa that he hopes someday she can forgive. Just as Carissa's past catches up with her Maximus feelings are shared and he'll stop at nothing to save her. Loved Cauis, Carissa's son, so cute and brave Very romantic and sweet story I truly enjoyed.



  1. What a lovely review. I read and enjoyed Maximus and waited quite impatiently for Taurus. Enjoyed both and am now ready for more. : )

  2. It is a lovely read. I really loved it. Maximus is a compelling hero and I adored him!! It has a surprising ending which left me sighing in satisfaction. I loved the sequel, Taurus and I am now on the wait for Magnus...this a well written/planned/executed series.