Friday, July 19, 2013

Nadene's Satin Sheets Review of Strange Academy by Teresa Wilde


For fans of Katie MacAlister and MaryJanice Davidson, a funny, sexy romance set at a school for superheroes.

Determined to uncover the secret behind her eccentric aunt's death, Sadie Strange, a quirky substitute teacher with a Master's degree in comic book superheroes, takes a job at isolated private school Strange Academy. Her biggest obstacle? Haughty hottie Lorde Gray, the chemistry teacher who looks down his Roman nose at her as he tries to get her fired.

Undercover demon hunter Gray vows to use his spell-brewing powers to protect Strange Academy's true purpose—educating extraordinary children with paranormal gifts. If the world knew the school's secret, it would start a war that would destroy humanity. Gray won't let a feisty mortal threaten that, no matter how much she swishes her heart-shaped ass.

When fate throws them together, strange allies Sadie and Gray seek to uncover the forces behind her aunt's death before they destroy Sadie—and the school. But when the demon hunter forbidden from associating with mortals and the mortal woman who can't trust her own judgment around alpha males fall for each other, love is going to get a little strange


I was intrigued by the blurb and so I decided I would give this title a try. This is first time reading Teresa Wilde's work as such I was not sure what to expect.  Strange Academy is classified as a paranormal romance with an element of mystery in the mix.  This is not your typical paranormal read.  The story is set in a school that caters to students who have paranormal powers. The purpose of the school is to teach them how to use and control their abilities.

This was an original, interesting and very humorous story.  The mystery started from the very first page and it had me hooked as I really needed to uncover who was behind the mysterious death of Sadie Strange's Aunt.  The romance factor was just as interesting.  It was fun to see Lorde Gray try to fight his feelings for Sadie. What made it more fun was the fact that he was dead set against her teaching at the school as she was not like the students and faculty members. He was willing to do just about anything to get her to leave.

My favourite character is Sadie. She was a strong female and even though she knew that Lorde Gray did not want her teaching at the school she was about give him the satisfaction and leave as she was determined to solve the mystery of her aunt's death. The chemistry between Sadie and Lorde was explosive. She thought he was an arrogant man and he saw her as nobody who was a threat to Strange Academy. Sadie refused to accept the strange phenomenons that had been occurring at the school. She had put up a mental block as it relates to these acts.

This was an easy read and as I stated earlier it drew me in from the very first page.  There were a few moments where the story felt a bit dragged out, however I felt compelled to hold out to the end and I am glad I did.  The mystery was not easy to solve and it had me guessing from one moment to the next. The ending was quite surprising.  The romance element of the story was quite hot.  There was a moment when felt like slapping Lorde for being so clueless as he was willing to give up on his love for Sadie as she did not fit into his world. 

Overall this was a good read. If you are looking for a paranormal story with a unique spin then this book is for you.

Title awarded

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