Saturday, September 14, 2013

Patricia's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Witch's Revenge by Denyse Cohen

Length: 153 pages
Publisher: Crimson
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     Throughout history, the women who guard the Earth's living energy have been known as
goddesses, fairies, mermaids or alchemists but they prefer to be called witches
     Jade has found her soul mate, whose life energy is identical to hers, the soul mate who is
the missing key to unlock her witch's power. And Arrow , a powerful organization whose only intent is to kill the soul mates and keep the witches in check. And they want their heads above all others .
     After a whirlwind of danger and passion in Brazil. Peter and Jade manage to evade Arrow in BrazilOnly to find that Arrow assassins have followed them home, and this time its Karyn, the witch that killed Jade's parents, is personally after them with a lethal new ability to drain a witch's energy. Jade and Peter must come to terms with the fact that their survival is only secondary to ending the Arrow legacy of murder and fear but revenge might come in an unexpected way. 


     This is the second book in the series.  It picks up as Peter and Jade are getting married and trying to start their normal lives.  Well that is short lived as they come home and try and get Jade's aunts lover / bodyguard out of FBI custody . And now try and bring down Arrow. So much for trying to live a normal life. As Arrow gets closer to them. They are ambushed is a warehouse . where Jade meets Karyn with dire results. This send Peter over the edge and with that he finds new power and with Jade's help he harness that power . But will it be enough to
stop Karyn. With the help of partner Josh and Melanie along with the rest of Jades family they try and conquer the demon they want gone.
     This is the second book in the series and I strongly suggest that you read the first so you won't be confused as I was at the beginning. I also found this book to be a slow read at the beginning. It picked up and went fast as the action picked up.  I was also getting confused with too many points of view chapters going on. The three points of view where a bit too much for me. I like point of view chapters but too many seem to draw away from the story telling.
The characters were a nice read though, the family aspect was great , how they treated each other like family and loved each other with a passion .  Josh having his doubts about Jade is a good typical reaction a guy friend has to his buddies girlfriend or new wife. The insecurities of both Jade and Peter were a bit at times. They needed constant reassuring from each other,
My overall opinion of this book is good. I did get into it once the action started . I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a lazy day curl up with a good book kind of day.  But be advised read the first book then dive into this one

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