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Satin Sheets Romance Author of the Month - Jennifer Simpkins

Three words that describe me: 
I want to start by thanking Satin Sheets Romance for featuring me as their author of the month. It’s safe to say I was surprised, and am truly flattered. I signed my first publishing contract last summer, and since then I’ve been welcomed by some of the best authors, reviewers, and bloggers. And let’s not forget the wonderful readers who not only buy my books, but take the time to leave a review or tell their friends. You guys rock!
 So here’s a little bit of how I got started. I had been a stay-at-home mom for four years when I seriously started writing romance. There was only so much Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street I could handle in a single day. I found myself reading one book every couple of days—sometimes every day. I first started reading everything I could get my hands on by Nora Roberts. What I love about her stories is her attention to detail. Her Chesapeake Bay Saga is what made me fall in love with small town romances. Oh…and she has a knack for writing from the male’s point of view. From Nora Roberts I ventured on to others. Some of the authors on my bookshelf are Cindy Gerard, JR Ward, LuAnn McLane, Toni Blake, Sandra Brown, and the list goes on and on. I attribute  the start of my career to all of these talented women, and for making me fall in love with romance in the first place.
At the time it seemed like a lifetime before I received my first: we would like to publish your book, but looking back I realize it’s taken lots of writers a lot longer to get their first acceptance letter. I started writing my first book, Forgiving Patience in October of 2010, finished it about seven months later, and didn’t get a contract until July of 2012. After I got into the business I met other wonderful authors who have since challenged me. Through their writing and advice I have only become a better writer myself. Peri Elizabeth Scott and Eden Connor are two authors I can turn to and know they’re not going sugarcoat it for me. I can trust them to give me their honest opinions, whether it is about my writing or the business side of writing.
This past year has been a crazy ride. I’ve met wonderful writers I otherwise wouldn’t have. I’ve read some awesome books I never would’ve had the opportunity to experience. My crit partner has dedicated two books to me, which is just as awesome as seeing my first book in print. And on top of that I’ve published the first three books in my Patience Series, with the first two now available in print. Just to see MY books on my bookcase alongside some of the greats I mentioned above gives me butterflies.
My goals from here on out are to continue to challenge myself, not be afraid to take more risks with my writing (something my crit partner has taught me), and in time be able to pay the kindness shown towards me forward to new authors. 
Want to know more about my Patience Series?
 In Patience, Tennessee you will be welcomed with some special people who take pride in their community, and go to bat for the people they most care about. Looking for love? No problem, because Patience grows some of the best looking men in Tennessee.

Forgiving Patience (Book One)
 Anna Kelly had no intention of returning to her hometown of Patience, Tennessee. At eighteen, feeling powerless from an abusive childhood and heartbroken from her high school sweetheart, she needed to put distance between her and the small town. Now, eleven years later she's invited to her best friend's wedding and has no other choice but to return. Though she feels much stronger the second time around, nothing can prepare her for when she sees her ex again. 

After a baseball injury, Jake limped back into Patience, damaged and angry. Throwing himself into remodeling Anna's childhood home has given him purpose again. He is just getting his life back together. He can't risk sending it all back to hell again, but the woman who broke his heart has whipped back into town...and she wants her house back. In hopes of reminding Anna of what she ran away from all those years ago he makes her an offer she can’t refuse—three dates, that have Anna rethinking Patience...and the life she was supposed to have with Jake.
Loving Patience (Book Two)
Liza Dyer has spent her career counseling and guiding her patients towards a more fulfilling life, so it’s a shock when she can’t stop her own life from falling apart. After a cheating ex she decides to escape to 
Patience, Tennessee. Instead of confiding in her long-time friend, she finds herself revealing her painful secrets to sexy, ladies’ man Tex Avery.  

Tex is a confirmed bachelor every woman in Patience is trying to catch. He is the last thing Liza needs, but once again she can’t help herself—especially when he shows up at her hotel door looking depleted and leaving her breathless.  It’s in her nature to want to help with the emotional pain Tex is going through, but her counseling is not welcomed.  Liza is determined to not give up on him…but will their connection be enough to convince her to once again put her heart on the line. 
Trusting Patience (Book Three)
After a scorching hot kiss that happened years ago, Jesse Daniels has wondered what it would be like to have something more with her longtime best friend. The only problem is, besides some mild flirting, Bradley Lawrence has never hinted at sharing her feelings. In fact, he doesn't even remember the kiss.

Bradley has many loves—his hometown, farming…and women. For the most part he lives a carefree life with no plans of changing—until he discovers the feelings Jesse has secretly had for him. Now, she is all he can think about, and it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get Jesse to see that he is a changed man. But in the end it all comes down to one simple fact—is it worth the risk of ruining their friendship over the possibility of finding love?

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