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Patricia's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Bonded in Blood & Bonded in Trust by Suzanne Rock

Genre: menage a trois/paranormal
Length: 132 pages
Publisher: Siren
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Cyrah Harris has denied her pagan heritage and tried to live a normal life, but with visions of two sexy strangers refuet
to leave her alone. She senses trouble in their auras.  Her strong attraction is difficult to contorl however , one miscalculation leaves
her caprtured by a powerful coven and tied to a Master Warlock's  bed
    When Roman Maddock reconizes Cyrah as his destined mate he  makes every effort to keep her close. he lusts after the sexy witch
but he cant deny his attraction for his personal guard Sam.   His emotions are torn when he is unable to bind himself to either of them . When he learns that
Cyrah and Sam feel the same way. Cyrah has and idea of how all three of the can become mates . but by doing so would involve extremely kinky sex and denying
ancient warlock tradition. Putting all of their lives in grave danger
Patricia's Review
   Lets see what can i say about a book that has a sex scene 5 pages into it , but wow . Having Cyrah become a voyeuor to Roman and Sam in the office.
Was not what I was expecting.  How Roman and Sam were together and how Cyrah wanted to be part of all of it was well written .The emotions that
were felt by all three main characters were well written. You could feel the tension when Roman knew who Cyrah was , you could feel the saddness
when Sam realized that Cyrah was Roman's mate.   You could feel the tension in the room . Whe they realize that all three were mean to be
together you kinda cheered softly for them.  Cyrah truly loves the two men with all her heart , she has loved them for 5yrs before even knowing them.
 Her visions led her to them and her heart keeps her there. With Cyrah's and Sam's love help Roman defeat the evil that is in the coven and binds their
 love together for always.
     This book to me was a very fast read , the sex scenes seem fast to and end too quickly . Over all i really liked this book , my first read in the menage a
trois book. I would like to recommend this book to anyone who likes their erotica laced with a little paranormal.

Length: 160 pages
Publisher: Siren
Buy Link: BookStrand

Marcus Lowe doestn' want to arrest his former lover, but he has no other choice. Victor Kaslov's magic has caused a rift between the covens and
it's up to Marcus to heal it. Not a day has gone by that Marcus has not thought of Victor. and the love they shared. He is determined to uncover the truth and not loose his heart once more in the process
  sadie Harris will do anything to prevent the bonding ritual to her mate Victor. Entwining their souls will stop his magic from raging out of control but it also
rob her of her freedome. How could she make such a huge scrafice for a man when she is unsure of his true feelings for her. When Victor fromer lover show up . Sadi becomes instantly attracted to him and wonders if a triad union might be more beneificial . As she ponders her options a powerful enemy sits in wait to
steal Sadie away from her lovers and destroy both warlock covens in the process
Patricia's Review
   This book was a little bit more intense then the first book was .  It starts out with Marcus tracking his lover to a cabin in the woods . Where hs spies
on Victor and Sadie. As Marcus realizes how Victor has changed looking younger and mor sexy , as he is with Sadie. Making Marcus want them both.
Sadie on the other hand is a free spirit and has fought to be free of her overbearing mother and the coven. All she wants to do is travel and play her
guitar. She just cant bond with Victor as sh thinks he wants to control her .  Even though she knows he is her mate she fights tooth and nail to deny the
feeling in her heart. As Marcus enters the picture she is instantly attracted to the man also. Knowing that he is Victors friend . As eveyone is thrown together .
There is a evil waiting to make an example of Sadie. Now Marcus an Victor must work together and get Sadie back in their lives ,
    I liked the way this book read, there was much more going on then in the first book. The story grew as you read. You could feel the loneliness in
Marcus's heart as he watched Sadie and Victor together . the engerg betwwen them was good . The tension and inner turmoil was more intense this
time around. Between Sadie wanting freedom and Victors need to dominate and Marcus's need to please . The last 4 chapters really made the book not giving away any spoilers but wow .
    The book was still a fast read for me but it was more indepth and the story line was thicker and more intense . There were a few less sex scenes but the
ones there were good still seemed a little fast for the reader though. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes their erotica mixed with the paranormal


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