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Nadene's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Finding Judgement (Centre Games Book 2) by Natalie Gayle.

TITLE:  Finding Judgement (Centre Games Book 2)
AUTHOR: Natalie Gayle
Author's Website:
GENRE: Romantic Suspense
LENGTH: 433 pages
BUY LINK: Amazon

BLURB:  Rory Southall’s dreams have been haunted by the beautiful blonde pixie he’d helped three months ago. Imagine his surprise when his next assignment is to investigate none other than the very same woman. 

TJ Walsh is holding on to her family’s trucking company by a thread. For the last two and a half years, she’s been trying to keep the debt-ridden business afloat and her family fed. She’s driven and desperate to make ends meet. But she remembers every detail of a chance meeting three months ago with a handsome stranger. 

What happens when a simple supply chain investigation morphs into a deadly web of lies and deceit and TJ finds herself squarely in the middle of it? It seems that very same handsome stranger has rescued her again, but how could that be? And how exactly does the illegal genetically modified products he’s investigating have anything to do with her? 

How will she cope with knowing the danger is much closer to home than she thought? When everyone seems to be gunning for them, can she find love and salvation with Rory before it’s too late?

Finding Judgement is the second book in the Centre Games Series, however it can be read as a stand- alone.  I have not had the opportunity to read the first book in the series but based on my experience with Finding Judgement I can see that this is going to be a great series.

The story line was quite unique for me as this is the first time I am reading about agents whose DNA had been spliced with that of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.  This led their five senses being heightened to match the animal DNA that their human cells  had been spliced with. 

It's  been awhile since I have read a book where I absolutely loved all the characters. I especially loved the  interaction between Quade and Dr. Jazz Carter. It was fun to see these two always quibbling about something and refusing to acknowledge how they actually felt about each other. I hope Ms. Gayle will write their story soon. 

I thought the chemistry between the male and female protagonist was quite realistic.  T.J and Rory were quite good together.  I absolutely enjoyed their interaction.  I found Rory to be quite the gentleman.  T.J. is a very self reliant female who found it very hard to accept help when it was being offered.

The mystery element was quite riveting. It had me turning the pages as I so badly wanted to know what was going to happen next.  This was quite an enjoyable read. It pulled me in from the very first page and I just could not put it down. 

This is my first time reading this author's work and I am definitely looking forward to more of her work.

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