Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nanee's Review of The Counterfeit Cowgirl by Kathryn Brocato


Book Description:

Felicity Clayton, tired of life on the road as a top saleswoman, trades in her career to become the owner of The Cosmic Cowgirl boutique in Nashville. Thus she works hard to carefully cultivate her fashion-house cowgirl image. So when she takes a two-week vacation to Foxe, Texas, to prepare her recently deceased grandmother’s house for sale, she’s astonished to find herself disliked almost before she steps out of her truck.

Aaron Whitaker runs the local Chevrolet dealership and raises cows and horses. He has no use for a flashy, brown-eyed fake cowgirl who has ignored her grandmother for years, especially one driving a Dodge pickup truck. And with his sister and her two young sons staying with him, he doesn’t have time to get involved with the menace next door—so why is he beginning to feel an unwanted attraction to her?

Can these opposites overcome their differences enough to experience the love of a lifetime?

Nanee's Review:

Love Felicity she's sweet, strong willed, chic (in her cowgirl clothes) and sassy and that's just what Allen found intriguing. Of course that was after their first run in. Allen cannot believe his eyes when this flashy cowgirl comes into town to clean out her deceased grandmothers home, he can't believe her audacity to be there grabbing everything dear to her grandmother but never visited  when she was alive. Allen is a Cardinal, he loves taking care of his family, he's like a mother hen with his sister and her kids, he's sexy as hell too a real man's man that's  what caught Felicity's eye,  of course that was after their first meeting (lol). Love their first interaction with each other...too funny. I absolutely think Pete and Joey stole the show with their cuteness and fear of ghosts (love them). This story was very sweet with a little touch of flirty, I thought the author wrote terrific characters, loved them all. It's a real page turner, I couldn't wait to see what happens. 
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